How To Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos

By: Derral Eves

Hey everyone, this is your chubby but yet adorable YouTube expert Derral Eves. Now I was just recently asked by one of my subscribers on the importance of utilizing tags in your YouTube videos. Guys tags are extremely important to YouTube, especially if you want to have the discoverability and visibility of your YouTube videos. So what I decided to do is put together this video and show you my 4 types of tags that I always use when uploading a video to my channel or to the channels of my clients and also you want to watch the video to the very end because I’m going to explain to you when YouTube just literally disregards all your tags and does what they want to do and I’m going to teach you why they do this and how to actually do a thing, a little trick to get YouTube to re-look at your older videos and re-evaluate them. So if you are interested in this topic, stay tuned. Now let’s jump right in and let me show you how to properly tag your YouTube videos. Now you can use this technique on any of the videos that you actually upload, all you need to do is hit edit and you can use the same technique and I would encourage you to do that and at the end of this video, I’m going to give you a super tip on what I actually do with my tags consistently. But where I need to actually upload a new video for a client, I thought, hey this is a great way that you’re able to see what I actually do to properly tag my YouTube videos. So let’s go ahead and hit upload and I’m going to throw in the video that we’re using, now this is an awesome video, it’s a collaborating video with Peter Hollens and Studio C. Some great YouTubers, it’s a Marvels Avengers Age of Ultron Parody that they did a video for.

Now if you want to know how to do the titling and the description I would encourage you to check out my video on how to properly upload a YouTube video, you can see that link in the description below. We’re going to focus all our attention on the tags here. Now there are four different types of tags that I always use. The first one is the specific tag. Now specific tags are one words that really are keywords that describe the video. So where this is about Avengers, I’m going to go ahead and hit Avengers here. Notice that YouTube is giving me suggested types of tags to use key words and none of them are really related to what I’m doing here so I’m going to go ahead and hit enter or return and I’m going to do another key term which is Marvel and I’m going to go ahead and hit that as well and we’re going to also going to do Shield because Shield is the organization for the Avengers, right. And then we’re also going to do Shield with periods between it because we’ve done our research and we knew that that was it. So that is the specific tag, these are one word keywords that describe that specific video. Now the second type of tag that I always use and it’s actually my favorite, is the compound tag. Now the compound tag is multiple words that actually describe the video itself so the first one that I always do is the title itself as a compound tag.

Now you also want to do outside of this, you want to use the title itself but you also want to take out any conjunctions or prepositions in this so the of’s it’s, in’s, on’s, you just get rid of those because YouTube doesn’t look at that. So what I’m going to do is do a compound tag which is Peter Hollens, we are going to do it here, Peter Hollens and I’m going to also do a specific tag because the name of his channel is one word. Also a compound tag would be Age of Ultron and Video Music Parody. Okay. We also want to be very specific on here so we want to do Avengers Music Video. Now with the compound tags you can also see that YouTube gives a suggested tags as well so you can see a couple of these here.

I’m not really going to focus in on this quite yet. I’m going to do a couple more compound tags, Iron Man, we also want to do Hawkeye, Black Widow. Okay. So you are able to see the different types that is the compound tag.

How To Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos

The next one, number three is the generic tag, now the generic tag are just general words that would describe the YouTube video where this one is a Parody, I’d put Parody where it’s also a Spoof and it is Funny and you can also see that there is the suggested tag for Comedy. Those are generic tags. The fourth tag is one that I don’t necessarily use every single time. It really depends on the type of video, so where this one is a really well known, the fourth type of tag is misspelled keywords. Any words that you can misspell, I would do this.

Now keep in mind, I would rather spell other things right on specific tags, compound tags and generic tags and use my tag limit then to put some misspelled tags that hardly anybody is actually searching for. So if we do misspelled tags, we’ll do avengars like that and you can basically pull in all the different types of misspellings that’s there. Now here’s a special note that you need to keep in mind, you can only use 500 characters in all your tags. If you go over that limit it won’t let you upload, it won’t let you save, you need to make sure that you stay under 500 characters and you might think oh my goodness that is awesome that is a lot of tags that you can actually do. In reality it’s not, you’ll fill it up quite quickly.

Now before you go you need to remember a few last things in utilizing tags on your YouTube videos. First off, don’t mislead YouTube viewers. Make sure your tags are the keywords that are related to your videos. Next YouTube uses all the meta information including tags to rank videos until they are able to collect enough information of their own to make their own assessment. So generally you have about a 5 to 7 day window before YouTube makes their assessment so make sure those tags are really powerful in the beginning so you can have the discoverability and the visibility that you’re actually needing. Now for the power tip. Go back through everyone of your videos and make sure that you have optimized the title, the description and more importantly the tags and once you do this once it’s optimized, this is going to really increase your views because it’s going to have YouTube re-evaluate each specific video and see how to actually rank it. Now I’ve personally put together a free 30 minute advanced training on how to actually utilize titles, descriptions, transcriptions and tags to get more visibility and more views on YouTube.

Not only on YouTube but throughout all the search engines. Go ahead and click over here to sign up for my free training and I think it’s now time for me to do the best type of tag out there.

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