How to use ARCSTRIDER 101 GUIDE on Arc Staff COMBOS

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Hi Guardians, the Arcstrider is the new revamped arc class that replaces the Arcblade from destiny 1 and it has some more moves than the simple slash and swipe movement from the arcblade. So in this video I will show you all the different attack combos that you can do with the Arcstrider. There are two main attack buttons for the arcstrider and that is the Melee R1 and the Shoot R2 buttons on the Playstation, if you are on the xbox than melee is RB and shoot is the RT button , for simplicity sake of the video I will refer to the playstation buttons for now.

So most of the combos will be a combination of the Melee and Shoot buttons. The first one to start of with is the simple Basic swipe attack which is performed with R1. R2 is the razor's edge attack which sends an arc beam forward after the slash.

Very useful against enemies that are outside of melee distance. The first combo is the R1 followed by R2 which performs an uppercut movement. If you keep on hitting R1 3 times you will perform a melee combo which ends with a ground slam attack which has a slight AoE effect. R1 R1 and then R2 will finish your combo with an Arc Palm blast melee attack. A similar fist of havoc aerial ground slam can be performed by hitting R2 while you are mid-air. And you can extend your time in the air by hitting the melee button twice And this can be combined together by ending with R2 to end your air attack with an aerial ground slam. So the arcstrider super is definitely more versatile than the good old arcblade.

I am not gonna make this video any longer than needed. Go try out these combos for yourself. I hope you learned something new today. Subscribe for more destiny content, and have a look at my recommended or latest video which you can find in the end screen. And as always I see you in the next video guardians!.

How to use ARCSTRIDER 101 GUIDE on Arc Staff COMBOS

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