How to win in a fantasy league? Review by b2ru

By: NAVI Dota 2

Hello, my friends, my name is Yana b2ru Khymchenko. Today is not the regular video for me, I don't film the players today, don't record an interview, but I make a quick review of an entertaining website. If you are a Dota fan, if you are going to watch the International, this website will make it more entertaining. is a fantasy league, a lot of you probably know it already. You create your dreamteam and if you score a lot of points, if you are the best, you can win good prizes. This year fantasy league was built into compendium, but if you don't have it for some reason, you can try to win at Esportspools, because it's free. So that's how the website looks like, we need to sign-up or log-in first. We press here, I already have an account so I just press "log-in".

So, what do we see? There are different games like CS:GO, Dota, LoL, Hots. But we are interested in Dota, and we want a free pool. In this graph you can see the entrance fee, it's free here.

I already registered here, I will play here for free. The prizepool consists of skins here. Also if you want to win real money, you can try one of the paid pools and win some money there, you can check it yourself. But we need this ESP classic pool, let's take a look.

The thing is you have to create a team of 5 players. Fantasy leagues are tied to a particular tournament, the International in our case. Let's see the Game Rules tab first. You choose 5 players in total, but not more than 2 players from the same team.

How to win in a fantasy league? Review by b2ru

You can't take 5 Na'Vi players, I've already tried... And the team who gets more points wins. The points are awarded in the following way: kills award 1 point, assist award also 1 point, and death is -1 point.

In general you have to pick guys who die rarely and kill often, but also you probably should avoid the teams who win fast, because the team will have fewer kills this way. So those are the rules, you can win the following prizes for that. I think it's entertaining, it's free... why not? The International will be more exciting this way.

On the right you can see how many people already joined the pool, the tournament starts on 8th of August. Okay, everything is pretty clear, let's go to "make your own pick". So we need to add someone to our dreamteam, of course I'll start with Na'Vi players.

But take a note that we can't take 5 midlaners for example. Because every player has his own value, there should be a tab here... where you can sort players by value. I can't see it now, but you'll surely will find it. So, I think that among Na`Vi players I'll pick ArtStyle. He often gets kills and doesn't die a lot, because he plays on heroes like Enchantress, who basically stays alive. Vanya is our first choice, and the second one is probably General. General..

It should be fine. Let's continue. Who else do we have here. I'll take PieLieDie as a second support. He usually plays on heroes like Lion, he gets kills, I think it will be a good choice. Who else are we gonna get? We need a midlaner. It will be Miracle, because he's a quite greedy guy.

And the last one is Shadow from Wings, I think I have enough money to pick him. Yes, I do have enough. Next, if someone chooses exactly the same lineup for his own dream team and gets the same amount of points, for this case there is a tiebreaker. We need to guess how many seconds will pass until the first kill in the final map of the tournament.

Which means we need to guess how many seconds will pass before the first kill in the final game of the TI grand finals. I think that there might be a fight at the rune spawn in the last game, So I would put 30 seconds before the start. By the way, it is described in the rules, if you put 30 seconds, it is considered as -30.

If I'm not mistaken. Let's put 30 seconds. I can't put -30, can I? We're putting 30 seconds.

30 seconds... Okay, we'll put 30 seconds. Submit. This is it, we've created our dream team. I've refreshed the page, and our team is formed. And now we should wait for the tournament to start, or rather to end, to count points.

I hope that our guys won't get eliminated early into the tournament. Not just because I want to get more points and win these prizes, I'm sure you understand why. You can also try your luck in the legendary pool. However, to enter this pool you need to pay $0.50, but the prizes here are more valuable. So, this is it, that's how the website works. I think it's quite interesting. Check it out, you lose nothing for trying. Thank you all for watching.

Press the like button, or don't, if you don't want to. Most likely I'll be in Seattle when this video is released. Stay tuned and wait for lots of cool content from Seattle. There will be interviews, diaries, overviews, and a lot more! We have big plans for the upcoming TI. Thank you for watching this video, see you soon, bye!.

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