I'm an Alien! - SurvHive with Damien Fate and FateFamily (#1)

By: Cendre

Damien: It's incredibly hard for me to get, uh, time to really play with other people. So, like, this is the first time in months I've been able to do it. I might not be able to do it again ???: Okay for another month, so... Tonight's special, you guys.

Cendre: :) Damien: Adulting sucks sometimes. ???: That's why I'm gonna STAY A KID FOREVER. Damien: So there's only one person in the world playing right now on "kepler186f." #HipsterCendre I'm assuming that's one of you guys. Damien: Oh, there we go, it's Brisle! Ha ha ha ha, the name changed, awesome.

Cendre: *taps box and box spazzes out* *Cendre shoots gun, terrified* Damien: (In response to Cendre typing 'Maybe me?') Yeah, it could be. *Cendre picks up extinguisher by mistake and uses it in every subsequent match* FrozWizard: I'm gonna find you, Damien. Damien: Oh, ha ha ha ha! Oh. Why me? FrozWizard: I dunno. Damien: Are you the alien? ..

FrozWizard: No. Damien: Uh, that does not sound very convincing. Damien: Ha ha.

I'm an Alien! - SurvHive with Damien Fate and FateFamily (#1)

FrozWizard: I see someone. (Spoiler alert: It's Cendre) FrozWizard: Someone - ???: S - Okay, um, we nee - ???: We need to inform you about this game. ???: Do not tell people you're evil. *Cendre annihilates Damien with an extinguisher* Damien: Cendre's trying to extinguish me! Cendre and sister: *Dying laughing* Damien: Ha ha ha ha! FrozWizard; Oh, so that's what I see! ???: I'm back and - FrozWizard: (Close up) So is that what I'm seeing up there? Someone trying to extinguish someone? ???: That could be it. Damien: That was it. Cendre: (Using mic now) There we go, we're good.

*Extinguishes Damien and makes awesome getaway* Damien: Oh no! Cendre: Ha ha ha ha! Damien: You fell! Damien: Did you take damage from that? Cendre: No, you - They can't hear me... *After no response from Cendre* ???: Best. Answer. Ever. *Cendre attempting to move mouse cursor to other monitor* *Gives up and plays with extinguisher* Damien: Cendre doesn't have her microphone on.

Cendre: Nope. Cendre: (As she dies trying to leave game) Let me out, let me out. Sister: What the f- are you doing? Cendre: (.5 speed) Let me out, let me out. Sister: (.5 speed) What the f- are you doing? *Finally remembers alt + tab* Cendre: There we go. Damien: Looks like you can press 't' to chat in the game.

*Is Cendre deaf?* ???: That's cool. *Still typing in Discord, hasn't realized she just died* Sister: You could just use my headphones! (To chat with the others) ???: 'You can press 'y' to communicate with other aliens.' Damien: Oh, other aliens, eh? ;) *Cendre is oblivious to death on screen* *Cendre looks for 't' key instead of screen* *Cendre types to show she knows how to chat, I'm so proud* ???: N - No, uh, we - we can also ???: see here in the patch notes Cendre: Oh wait, I died?! ???: when the game released it is - Cendre: Who killed me? ???: I wish I could turn on some sort of voice modulator to make my voice sound like an alien or a changeling. Cendre: No, thank you. ???: Preferably a changeling. Cendre: No! Sister: Just shoot everyone. *Good advice* Cendre: Let's go! Cendre: We're going in! *Tries to kill Damien* *Makes click sounds to replace muted in-game sounds* *Cendre has terrible aim* Sister: Shoot 'em! Cendre: (Conceding defeat) Nah. Damien: Dance, Cendre! Dance! *Starts dancing while sister laughs* Damien: Oh, no! ???: My Discord is ???: saying something about streamer mode. *Cendre and sister die laughing at the grotesque sight* Damien: Time for a break dance! Cendre: What the?! Cendre: Wait - *catches breath* Cendre: Shoot 'em! Cendre: Wait, what killed you? *Maybe the person running away?* Cendre: Press 'g,' I got a trait. *Carefully reads traits* Cendre: Umm..

Cendre: Where's the 'insane?' *Killer coming in hot* Cendre: I'm trying to - Cendre: (Last words) Hey, don't - Cendre: No! *Sister screams in horror* Cendre: Come on! I was trying to - Cendre: Ha ha! Sister: 'Infected by an alien's appendix.' Cendre: Oh, no, the Squeedlyspooch. Sister: 'Let me get my abilities' hehe. Sister: Eww, you didn't space! Cendre: Ha ha! Cendre: Look at this ang - Cendre: Look at the angles, jeez! Cendre: I love this game! *Gets surprised by respawn animation* Cendre: Woah! Cendre: Oh, I'm back. Cendre: Cult! *Chuckles evilly* Cendre: Gotcha! Oh.

*Spazzes uncontrollably* Sister: What'd you do? Cendre: I think I killed the wrong person. Cendre: He -Oh! What are they doing?! Cendre: Oh my God! *Sister screams in horror* *What have you got to say for yourself?* Cendre: 'I killed humans.' Damien: I'm not really sure what we're supposed to do in here. ???: I think you're supposed to tr - ???: - ry to hunt down the alien and ki - ???: - ill them. Cendre: I don't know who the alien is. *You are one!* Damien: But how do we know who's an alien? Sister: You find out! *Genius advice* *Thinks she's holding a gun* Cendre: Pchew pchew Cendre: OH! *Prepared to raze villages* Sister: Wheeeeee Cendre: Oh, I'm wasting the fire. Damien: Oh no! Damien: Cendre's now making fires! *Cendre and sister laugh* ???: The, uh, aliens are supposed to kill the humans *I'm out of time, I will finish these later*.

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