IN DEPTH CEMU 1.9.0c The Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild setup guide

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What's up YouTube it's your boy Xx1080N0scOPM@sT 3R_Rex_bl@st3r_FlexXX no just kidding anyway I'm going to show you how to get breath of the wild to be the best that it can be on CEMU now you have two options you can download my pre-Configured CEMU pack in the Description like a good little sheep or if you prefer to pave your own path and feel accomplished that you manually set this up then Sit tight, I will be going over both ways in this video (SKIP to 5:42 for the manual setup guide) Now starting with the pre-configured Pack below I have included a for the most part preset up CEMU in the description Assuming you have a seam you already downloaded And you have your totally "legit" copy of breath of the wild download installed and updated with optional Dlc We will open up the prize and see what's inside In here you will find a copy of rivatuner if you're a PC gamer, and you don't have rivatuner already install You should be ashamed of yourself next is a copy of DS4 tool. If you already have these installed No need to install these and good job you get bonus points Next you will see a CEMU folder now If you're setting up for the first time go ahead and just get your breath of the wild install that live life to the fullest however if you're wanting to install this to your existing cmU installation that has already been set up then it's Recommended to backup your files and overwrite your old files with the ones from my pack that you have either overwritten your old Pack or Starting for the first time here's a quick rundown on what the other guys don't tell you First thing you'll want to do is open Rivatuner now what you will want to do is add CEMU rivatuner like so Then you go to frame rate limit and set that to 30 Optionally you can turn off show on-screen display and show own statistics now. We can start breath of the wild Upon starting the game you should be greeted by a compiling shaders screen that should take a pretty long time to compile Like three to four minutes depending on your specs as well and take a shit ton of ram warning for this specific tutorial you will need 16 gigabytes or more of ram due to the inclusion of the full shader pack for this game to minimize the amount of micro stutters If you're trying to play Wii U on PC I assume you have a pretty beefy computer anyway If you do not see this compiling shaders dialog then chances are that you will need to rename my shader file to that at what your CEMU wants you can find out the file name that it is looking for by checking your CEMU log file and Copying and pasting the name in the following file I hope they get this damn memory leak fixed Nvidia Do your fucking job Now that your game has loaded you can run this up here called Super speed hacks What this does in short is frame skip to speed up the frames? Rivatuner is only needed while playing breath of the wild because this game is capped at 30 FPS and becomes unstable on anything higher So don't forget to close out of Rivatuner when you want to play another game And voila the game is running pretty good. I'd say a hell of a lot better than it was before. Yes? Just a note I have this config after 1080p resolution instead of the stock game 720p I do not have this with 4K resolution in mind because that requires some pretty powerful

IN DEPTH  CEMU 1.9.0c The Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild setup guide

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