In Memory of Varian Wrynn | World of Warcraft

By: Grewz

I remember when I first heard, that Varian is going to die in Legion and first I was like WHAT ?! You can't be serious ?! And as time moved on I believed that he will goes missing and everybody think that he is dead or gets severly wounded and gets resurrected. However, I was excited to play through the Broken Shore event and I was scared of what is going to happen, you know how the Horde will betray the Alliance and of course is Varian really going to die ?! And honestly, I was crushed. Just like when Jon Snow died at the end of Season 5. I know some of you say, this is just a game and he is a fictional character and I know, I know.. But when something is the part of your life for nine years, no matter if it's fictional or real and you loose it suddenly, you're going to feel it's absence immediately. Varian was my favorite character in the entire game and he is still. Now what is going to happen with the Alliance of course ? I saw some people say that Greymane is going to be the High King, some people say that there is no more a High King.

Which is false because there must always be a Lich King umm High King sorry.. At this point Greymane is the most likely to become a High King because of his age and knowledge. However Greymane and everybody thinks that the Horde have betrayed the Alliance at the Broken Shore and they are going on offensive. Jaina and Genn are a long time horde haters so they probably cause upprising in the Alliance, making a lot of conflicts, as we already saw Anduin, Velen, Tyrande and Malfurion is focused on the threat caused by the Burning Legion while Jaina and Genn seek revenge and attack the Horde for the betrayal and kill Sylvannas. I'm making a new series about World of Warcraft. There you can find theories and predictions and some legends in the Warcraft universe. Plus I'll make another video about the Horde part of the Broken Shore.

And finally some closing words, my Harbingers series reached more than six thousand views that is pretty cool, thank you guys so much, you're awesome! It's time to wrap up the video, like if you enjoyed it and subscribe for future videos. Have a nice day!.

In Memory of Varian Wrynn | World of Warcraft

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