Legion Patch 7.3: Let's Chat About Illidan and Xe'ra | World of Warcraft Legion Cinematic

By: Raxef

Hello everybody! My name is Raxef, and as you know Patch 7.3 launched earlier this week. Now even though we've only been on Argus a short while, quite a lot has happened story-wise, and one of those stories that I want to touch on is the interaction between Illidan and Xe'ra. Now before I get into this, if you have not started Patch 7.3 even though this scene happens quite early on, it is a major spoiler.

So please, if you don't want to be spoiled, you haven't taken the time to go through Argus yet, do not watch this video. If you don't mind being spoiled or if you have already seen this scene then of course feel free to watch on. I'm gonna be reacting to this scene, but also I want to touch on it a little bit more in detail afterwords, because there a couple of talking points that that I wanted to discuss.

So, let's just watch the video first. Alright so we have that last piece of Xe'ra. Aw that's so cool. It's like the Naaru is reborn.

We are blessed to be in your presence once more Xe'ra. Turalyon. You have found the chosen one.

Legion Patch 7.3: Let's Chat About Illidan and Xe'ra | World of Warcraft Legion Cinematic

Illidan. From birth the light in your eyes held such promise for the future. That's Illidan receiving Sargeras's gift. I sacrificed that birthright long ago. Do you not wish to reclaim what was lost? To be whole again? The Legion's end is all I seek. My child. You've go so much for so little.

Your true potential, your redemption, lies before you. Let go of your shattered form and embrace the Light's power. I've traded my freedom for power before. The prophecy must be fulfilled. Oh dang. Your old life has passed.

The light will forge you a new one. It is not yours to take. The light will heal your scars. I am my scars. The light is your destiny. Oh that's so creepy. My destiny is my own.

You've doomed us all, Betrayer! There you go Illidan. Show them who's boss. Your faith has blinded you. There can be no chosen one.

Only we can save ourselves. So as you saw there, Xe'ra wanted to impart the gift of the Light onto Illidan, and Illidan was not having any of it. In fact it got to the point where he eye-beam lasered Xe'ra to death. Now a couple of things that I wanted to touch on. First of all there's been a lot of buzz in the community about like was Illidan in the right here or was he in the wrong? Should he just have accepted the gift and accepted his fate as the chosen one? Personally I'm the camp where Illidan, although he should have probably accepted the gift, and it was probably in everyone's best interest to accept the gift, I understood exactly why he refuses it, because what has been happening here with Xe'ra saying "you are the chosen one, you are going to lead us. I'm going to give you this power and you are going to be an instrument in stopping the Legion." It is very similar to how Sargeras showed Illidan this vision of the Legion being unstoppable and you should just join the Legion and I'm going to give you all of this power.

And Illidan becomes an instrument for the Legion, or at least Sargeras thinks he does even though Illidan's really just trying to plot Sargeras's end. And I understand what Illidan was saying before how he's traded, he's traded for power before and he doesn't want to do that anymore, even if it's what he's supposed to do. I absolutely agree that you know Illidan was maybe a little bit selfish and only thinking of himself, and if he had just accepted the Light he would have been more powerful and able to stop the Legion, but I absolutely understand why he refused Xe'ra's gift. And I think you know to most people, it would be Xe'ras, especially towards the end when the whole screen just fills up with her presence, I think it's a little scary that Xe'ra's trying to force this power onto Illidan.

It doesn't seem like a very Holy Light thing to do. It seems like it's something more that a bad guy would do, and you almost get this sense that is what is happening really all that is happening? And it almost blurs the lines as you see in many other games and books and movies is what exactly is good and what exactly is evil. Of course we know that the Legion is evil, but is this Holy Light really what good is, and should we really put all of our faith into the Holy Light and just take everything they say at face value, even though we are probably powerful enough on our own to stop the Legion. Something else that happened which Illidan has touched on before the Prophet Velend and he said it to Turalyon is that "you've been blinded by your faith," and I'm not sure if you notice this or not, but early on in that scene, Turalyon's eyes are golden, and after Xe'ra dies his eyes turn back to brown. Now there are a couple reasons why this could happen. First it could be that Turalyon draws his power from the Holy Light, from Xe'ra, and once Xe'ra's been killed he doesn't have access to that power anymore and he's angry because of that.

What I'm more inclined to lean towards is that Xe'ra has convinced him that this is the only way that needs happen that the Army of the Light can stop the Legion and has almost sort of brainwashed Turalyon and you can see that by the golden coloring in his eyes and of course Xe'ra was blown to bits by Illidan, Xe'ra lost control of Turalyon in that sense. With how Xe'ra has been acting, I'm a bit more inclined to believe that that is what needs to happen, and Xe'ra's conviction, it's almost strange that it's parallel to the same conviction that Sargeras had when he first learned of the Void and decided that the only way to destroy the Void is by using the demons they were fighting against as a tool. Of course that spiraled out of control and now Sargeras is viewed as evil, because he's doing everything that can be done to fulfill his goal. In the same way.

Xe'ra is doing everything in her power or it's power; I don't know how Naarus use their genders, but Xe'ra is doing everything in their power reach their goal, and maybe that's not always the best choice or it has everyone's best interests at heart. And I know a lot of people in the community are going back and forth about what Illidan should have done, but I think ultimately he made the right choice for him. We always seem to find a way as the heroes of Azeroth to destroy the Legion, so you know I'm sure we'll figure out a way on our own. I already know how 7.3 is at least looking to end through the datamining that's happening in Antorus.

I'm not gonna say exactly what that is here for people who don't want to be spoiled, but I think that we're probably gonna be able to find a way to combat the Legion on our own with Illidan's help and also with Turalyon's help and Velen's help, and and everyone else. I think that even without Xe'ra who's that beacon of light, quite literally for the Army of the Light, I think we're gonna be doing just fine. But I would love to know what you guys thought of this cutscene.

Did Illidan make the right choice? Did he make the wrong choice? What do you think of the whole eye color change that's happening to Turalyon after Xe'ra was defeated by Illidan? Let me know in the comment section down below. And if you like this video then of course feel free to give it a thumbs up. And if you like my channel, you want to keep up to date with the videos I'm publishing then of course feel free to subscribe. With that being said I hope to see you guys in the next video.

See you later!.

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