Light's Hammer Holy Paladin Review for Patch 7.2.5

By: Cee Breezy

Light’s Hammer is a Holy Paladin AoE healing spell. Right now it costs 35% of your base mana but in Patch 7.2.5 they are reducing the mana cost by 20%. This led me to look more into this spell seeing as I have not used it much in this expansion.

It’s a Tier 1 talent, with a 40 yard range, instant cast and a 1 minute cooldown. The spell description reads: Hurls a Light-infused hammer into the ground, where it blasts a 10 yard radius every 2 sec for 14 sec. Each blast deals Holy damage to enemies and heals up to 6 allies. Right now, the spell animation for Light’s Hammer is really cool.

You hurl a giant hammer to your desired targeted location. It lodges itself into the ground and shoots out bolts of holy electricity. I had so much fun just casting this spell because it looks awesome. However, when I logged onto the PTR to test it out, I noticed that they changed the spell animation a bit. Here’s a comparison.

In the PTR, the hammer strikes the ground for each tick, creating an almost volcanic effect. There are also less bolts of electricity emanating from the hammer. I kind of like the current animation better. What do you think? Anyway let’s break down the actual spell further to see how it does. All of these tests were conducted on the PTR - public test realm - for Patch 7.2.5. In terms of AoE healing, it’s a 10-yard radius that heals every 2 seconds for 14 seconds. Basically 7 heals total over time. Each tick of my Light’s Hammer heals my test dummy target for on average somewhere between 33,000 to 40,000 non critical heals.

Light's Hammer Holy Paladin Review for Patch 7.2.5

Adding up the 7 ticks, this is a total healing of about 231,000 to 280,000 not counting critical heals over the 14 seconds. Oh and if you are checking for it in your combat log, the spell is called Arcing Light. A good thing to note is that this works synergistically with beacon targets as well as pointed out by my guildmate. So, not only will this add a nice boost to your AoE healing, but as a bonus your beacons will also benefit from this spell. To really up your group healing, I’d recommend giving Light’s Hammer a try with Beacon of Virtue and see how you like the increase in group healing. If you time it right, you can cast Beacon of Virtue twitce within Light’s Hammer’s duration. Let’s compare Light’s Hammer to something like the Resto Druid spell Efflorescence.

Efflorescence costs 21.6% base mana, has a 40 yard range, instant cast with no cooldown. The spell description reads: Restores (56.445% of Spell power) health to three injured allies within 10 yards of the initial target every 2 sec for 30 sec. So just by comparison, Efflorescence can be kept up for an entire boss battle seeing as it has no cooldown. Light’s Hammer has a 1 minute cooldown. But, Efflorescences heals tick for less and only affects 3 players.

Light’s Hammer heals up to 6 players. It has the longevity in smaller bursts of healing where Light’s Hammer has larger heal ticks over a shorter amount of time. Additionally, Efflorescence is only a healing spell whereas Light’s Hammer does both damage and healing.

Now let’s talk about the damage of this spell. Each tick deals about 90,500 non critical damage to this test dummy target and about 181,000 critical. Adding up the 7 ticks, this is a total of 633,500 non critical damage over 14 seconds. And if you somehow got all crits, 1.2m dmg over 14 seconds. Compared this to consecration that when I’m in my holy spec deals about 26,300 non critical damage over 8 seconds. Now the thing is, there is no cooldown on my consecration so I can constantly have this up. Overall Light’s Hammer does more raw damage where as consecration is less, but can be kept up constantly. The only thing is consecration does not heal, it is strictly damage.

So this concludes my review of the Holy Paladin Tier 1 talent Light’s Hammer. I’m actually excited to continue using and testing out this spell and I look forward to the mana cost reduction coming up in the next patch. In the meantime, things I am going to experiment further are using Light’s Hammer with Beacon of Virtue in Mythic+ dungeons for more group healing. This will also work well with the fact that I have the Obsidian Stone Spaulders legendary - which I also did a review for and will put a link in the description & end of this video if you are interested in checking it out.

Let me know what you think of this spell and I’ll see you guys in the next video! If you like the video give it a thumbs up but more importantly if you enjoy my videos as a whole please feel free to subscribe to my channel to show some support! Thanks and I’ll see you next time!.

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