Minecraft 1.12: How Did We Get Here? (Secret Advancement) Tutorial

By: Xisumavoid

Hello, everyone and welcome back to another Minecraft tutorial. This video is a step-by-step guide on how to get the secret advancement 'How did we get here?'. In order to get this advancement you need to have all the status effects available in? survival Minecraft at the very same time. This includes levitation from a shulker and mining fatigue from an elder guardian So you can imagine it is quite the task to achieve in the game however in this video I will show you how to do this with what I think is a method that requires less effort than you might expect but Before we get into the details let's hop over to some command blocks I've set up and see what effects are actually required. In front of me our 20 command blocks and these are going to give us the status effects that we need to get this advancement. Now, if we were to take away any one of these we wouldn't be able to receive this advancement we need to have all 20 of these applied to us at the same time.

Now if I press L to bring open the Advancements, tab we go to the nether section you'll see that we've completed all of them here and The one that we're getting is actually a hidden one which will be right in this spot here. Now in front of it is 'A furious cocktail ', have every potion effect applied at the same time if you haven't got that one already Then you're probably going to get this one in the process of doing this right, but let's press the button Let's unlock the advancement. There go all of the effects at the top of the screen and that pop-up lets you know that we've got the advancement So let's go and check it out and there it is. 'How do we get here', have every effect applied at the same time. So if you're thinking of going for it and doing this advancement well I would highly recommend that you watch the video all the way through to the end So you know every step and you know exactly what you're getting yourself into there is a ton of Preparation work here for example there are going to be a lot of different potions to brew which means lots of different ingredients and you should probably be in the late stage of the game as well; should have killed the wither and got yourself a beacon and Also conquering end dungeons so that you have an elytra wings and rockets will make your life a lot easier as well. So please do consider the amount of work that goes into this before you actually attempt it So we shall start off with the consumables and things like that the easiest stuff basically and a lot of Are just potions that you will brew and there is a lot of information here to take in as well So you'll probably want to make some notes about what different things you want to brew now when it comes to the order that you Will consume these in we will get to that later in the video And that'll make sense as I start to explain what's going on here. So we have the brew recipe for fire resistance nether wart and Magma cream and you'll see all of the ingredients as we go along and what I haven't included is a redstone dust which will take it from three to eight minutes for the default type of potion but some potions are Actually have or less the amount of time that they last for and that will be mentioned now you can also get Fire resistance from a notch apple as well, so over here We have the invisibility potion then we have jump boost over here Which you can also get from a beacon so if you have a lot of beacons and a lot of iron it might just be easier to get all the effects from the beacons there in the area So you don't have to worry about consuming things as you're trying to get all of the effects at once then we have night vision Again, this is a potion that can go from free to eight minutes of a redstone dust over here though We have poison and this has a redstone dust because with it. You'll only get one minute and 30 seconds however I think it's kind of pointless because you have to consume a Pufferfish to do this and that will give you poison level 4 as well So moving on we have regeneration again the beacon or you want to include some redstone dust for a minute and 30 Seconds of that we also have slowness here which only goes up to 4 minutes of a piece of redstone dust? We have speed which you can get from a beacon Then we have strength you can also get that from a beacon and we have water breathing and last of all for the potions We have weakness again redstone dust so you can have 4 minutes of it now next up.

We got absorption You'll get two minutes of that from a regular golden apple and from a notch apple as well This one though will also give you resistance fire resistance and regeneration now There's a few things that you're going to have to do in a short amount of time and you Might want to go for that if you think you can juggle them all at once because it means you have to Consume lots of the other things before hands now next up We got glowing which you get from a spectral So let's type that in here and you can see the recipe for the spectral arrow We have to do with this is basically just shoot yourself And this is probably the last thing you're going to do because it only lasts for ten Seconds now the next one is kind of pointless hunger you get it for 15 seconds from the pufferfish or 30 from rotted Flesh Thing is though you're going to use the pufferfish anyway So you might as well skip that step and the very last one is nausea. Which you get from the pufferfish for 15 seconds and Last of all is the status effect that you can't get through these memes and that is haste You'll need a beacon for that, and it's the smallest type of beacon, so you're only need nine blocks of iron And then you can select haste now the other thing you might want to get from here is Resistance which requires the next tier so you'll need a slightly bigger beacon however you can also get resistance through the not chapels So if you're using that you won't need to bother with a bigger beacon set up but with a total of 37 iron blocks you can just put an additional three here that one can be set to Resistance and this one here will actually use those iron blocks, and you can set that one to haste With all of those considered there are still three other status effects that we require to unlock this advancement. We have mining fatigue levitation and the river effect and you're thinking we've got to put all three of these mobs in the same place at the same time and the Hardest one is probably going to be getting that shoka all the way back to the overworld well I proposed a way where we don't move the shoka We don't move the elder guardian and technically You wouldn't have to move a wither skeleton if you were Comfortable with spawning a will of us which I'm not so the only thing you've got to do is move the wither Skeleton to the ends dimension of course it's not just as simple as moving a with a skeleton There's going to be a lot more prep work Involved to get this advancement, and we start off over here at an ocean monument This is where your own journey Will actually start because we're going to use the nether to travel to a stronghold and luckily for me There is a stronghold around a thousand blocks from here. Which is relatively close to an ocean monument and on your average world It's probably going to be a little bit further away, but traveling through than ever is going to be very fast So the idea is that we get from here to the N City as quick Queers possible So this is where the journey Starts when you're doing this for real you're going to get the mining fatigue effect which will last for five minutes You're going to hop through into the never jump into a boat and you would have already prepared a tunnel like this that's going to take you to where the Stronghold is so we have a nether portal hook up at the stronghold as well that means we can make a very quick journey Through to the end portal because I've put that portal right next to it so we hop through like this And then we've already figured out where we're going here.

I've left the marker We're going to fly over as quickly as we can to this end City Gateway And then we're going to throw an ender pearl into it Like that we get teleported to this part of the end and then we're going to fly over to the nearest Density which is about a hundred Sorry 800 blocks away, and I've already made this path which we can actually use to get the wither skeleton there as well But this acts like a guide way to let me know How to get to the N city so we've done it in creative mode we've seen that. It's not too much hassle But now I want to do it in survival mode and find out Exactly how long that would actually take to get to the nearest end city which of course is where the shelters are going to be? The next order of business is the river Skeleton and getting it all the way to one of those n City dungeons unless your fancy spawning a river boss over there which I'm going to guess you don't want to do So this is going to be a game of cat and mouse We've got to lure this fella through portals and get him all the way over to that n dungeon and in this game You're going to be the mouse you want to grab a wither skeletons? Attention get it to follow you and lure it all the way there Which is quite a tedious task and can be a little bit scary as well Now location is important you want to pick a nether fortress Which is where these wither skeletons spawn one that is relatively close to the portal that takes you to the stronghold? Luckily for us. It's right next door now in this chest I prepared some materials two things that you should bring along with you Make sure you've got a good set of armor for surviving the never bring a fire resistance potion in case you encounter some Lava We have a speed potion here as well because you want to be faster than the wither Skeleton Or you could alternatively throw one of these on it and slow it down Now if you have to punch the wither skeleton to get it to go into a portal or something like that Then it's going to take damage and having a couple of instant damage potions to here that would be a very good idea now make sure you've got plenty of good food so that you don't have to eat it too often you can focus on playing the game And you'll also need to heal yourself from time to time because you're probably going to get hit by this guy so Golden apple Instant health potion regeneration potion all of that stuff the key here is Preparation and two things are really going to help you and the pulse to get out of a tricky situation and also blocks Because they're very powerful you can place them you can block off the path of the river, Skeleton Make sure you have plenty and plenty of blocks on you During a wither Skeleton is real simple Grab its attention Walk through the portal and it will follow you into the portal now when it comes to the end force or what you're gonna have To do is just simply punch it in there which means it does take a little bit of damage So the way the skeleton is now going to be on the platform in the end and when you go for it Yes, it is going to attack you straight away So make sure your health is full and you a golden apple ready But then you would have wanted to prepare a pathway that will lead on to this main End Island and over to where your portal is and what I've prepared here is a contraption that's going to send the with a Skeleton Through this end portal which means we save a lot of time instead of building a big long platform So you want to have some stairs to lure thee with a skeleton up like this? And then we've got this simple water channel which we're going to jump into and the idea is that the wither Skeleton would follow us In here as well when we drop down we can move to the side But the wither Skeleton won't be able to and that's because it's two and a half blocks tool So it's going to be trapped right there unable to go anywhere So with a couple of pistons lined up like this and a way to power them We can put a boat here, and it picks up the river Skeleton now bear in mind. It won't always do that So you might have to place the boat several times? But then you want to power the back piston and then this one and the river Skeleton will take damage But then it will stop because it's actually going through the portal in that boat now when we go through the portal We're going to take damage straight away, so your option here is actually to fly all the way over there if you wanted to So yes, let's go through the portal you can see we're inside the wither Skeleton And of course the next step is to break the boat But I found that it puts you on the edge of whatever platform You've got so you might want to extend this platform otherwise the wither skeleton could drop down below and take additional damage So you break that you've got you with a Skeleton here It's another game of cat and mouse, and that's why I've built this platform leading all the way to the end city Now the beginning of this video I did say you should watch this all the way through before you attempt this and that's because the order that I'm doing things Isn't always the smartest, and I actually thought of showing you the six step before bringing the wither skeleton over here But for some reason it didn't cross my mind until I saw them both sitting here that this could be a little bit problematic So when you first arrive at your end city what you want to do is kill one of the shockers and keep the other one Alive and then build around it Which is definitely going to be a bit of a pain? But the reason that we're doing this is so that we can contain it Inside of a room and then walk into that room when we want to get the levitation effect So I've made that room and now this is separate from the wither Skeleton because of course if you're doing this Got a wither skeleton here as well something is bound to go wrong But with the wither skeleton and the boat like we've got we can just put this guy in a room as well And then we can walk up to him when we need the river effect now one thing I would recommend doing is perhaps making all of these rooms 2 blocks tall just in case an enderman comes into the mix because of course they can fit into a free high room So preparations have been made of double and triple-checked, and I don't think I've missed a single effect here I've also done this probably the harder way by not having five or was it six beacons in total I forget now But it's really not too much because I put all of my potions into these dispensers So you should have a little something like this your beacons a chest of items and a way to take your potions which you could Do while you're flying over here, but I prefer this way So what we got is a button power in a block with a redstone torch on it That's going to power both Dispensers so we can walk into here and get four effects then we can go over here and get six And that's the first thing that I'm going to be doing is getting all my effects from the potions then I'm going to pick out these two items I'll probably eat the golden apple first then I'm going to walk up to this guy get with it Eat the pufferfish, and then we're going to look upwards and shoot ourselves with a spectral arrow So you'll probably want a gap in the ceiling somewhere So you can look up shoot yourself like that get the glowing effect which only lasts for 10 seconds and then I'm going to walk forward and get the levitation effect the reason I'm doing it before the levitation is because I thought it might be a pain if you're like flying around in here and Your head is hitting the ceiling so let's do this thing in survival now I Would say I'm nervous But I've done this several times And figured out a few things so our method here is going to tweak and change and we'll go over the details there After we've done this but right we've landed we need to pick up our Golden apple and pufferfish then it's time for the first set of potion effects and the first thing we're going to consume by the way is now the Golden Apple Okay, second set then we walk four into here.

Minecraft 1.12: How Did We Get Here? (Secret Advancement) Tutorial

We're going to get the levitation effects while we eat This we've been levitated we've been shot with the glowing arrow now. We need to eat the pufferfish to get the river effect and We did it people? We did it. Oh and look at me then I look fancy right there eh That looks pretty creepy So don't go anywhere Yeah, you need to know the things that I change it in our strategy because I discovered a few problems along the way the biggest One of all though that I couldn't figure out for a while Was that I'd actually already unlocked this from earlier in the video I simply forgot to revoke it and wasted quite a lot of my own time But anyway first tip I want to say is the outside of this city had lots of chokers on it That would shooter me on the way over here sometimes that was a little bit of a problem So make sure you clear the n city and they won't cause you any harm now the next thing is the Golden apple the Golden Apple gives you four seconds of Regeneration - and it's actually a huge problem because it overrides the regeneration that we get from over here So what I would recommend doing is actually making a splash regeneration - one that lasts of 22 seconds That's what we use now our method at the end there changed a little bit We walked into here we ate the Golden Apple while we were getting shot with levitation Then we used the dispenser to hit us with spectral arrow went round the corner consumed the pufferfish and then got withered But this guy has a nametag because I came over here and it d spawn so like I said at the beginning Always a good idea to watch the video all the way through first when you do have a wither that you're luring Remember to nametag it so that it doesn't despawn the very last thing to mention is hunger this thing down the bottom here Okay, first time I came over here. I couldn't actually eat the pufferfish Because I had a full hunger bar So make sure you've got about three or four hunches of hunger And then you'll be able to eat it and everything will be just fine and so That concludes this tutorial guide Whatever you want to call it if you've enjoyed the video And leave a like thanks for the support as always if you're new here hit the subscribe button and check out the tutorials playlist For more Minecraft knowledge for your noggin now.

We're going to end up with this bam I love that sound very cool also. It gives you a thousand experience points as well Maybe should have mentioned that in the beginning of the video, but anyway that's it for me Thanks for watching and I'll see you soon. Bye. Bye.

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