✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Fishing

By: MagmaMusen

Terms and Conditions I can not guarantee that you didn't know all of these things. I mean, how would I have any chance of knowing? So please, please don't be mad at me or brag about it in the comments. I would be so happy. I'm just a poor Youtuber trying to get your approval *sniff* *sniff* THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT FISHING Getting leather from fishing will give you the "cow tipper" achievement! :I Fishing under a tree like this is a bad way of fishing. Fishing in waters that are lit up from sunlight or moonlight is way better! On average, your fishing time will decrease by 50%! This time I got unlucky with the catch though! The fishing line and the end of your fishing rod probably don't line up! This is because the line's placement does not change as you change your POV-setting..

Youn can get the two to match up, for me it was at POV of about 90. In the Halloween update, Notch said he would add sea creatures. However, he didn't have the time and added fish as an item instead. Now some time later, creatures such as squids and guardians have been added! Fishing in the rain is another great tip if you want to fish effectively! On average, getting a catch is 20% faster! When fishing, there's 3 categories of catches.. Each category has a different chance of "biting" and has its own set of items. There's the fish category, which contains these items! There's the treasure category, which contains all these items! And last and least there's the junk category :] There is currently 3 different enchantments for fishing rods. Unbreaking, - Luck of the Sea, - Lure. Let's make the ultimate fishing rod! TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES *PLEASE STAND BY* I got some more XP, let's continue! ..

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES *PLEASE STAND BY * I got even more XP.. Ultimate Fishing Rod THAT'S NOT THE ULTIMATE FISHING ROD * PLEASE STAND BY * WHAT? * PLEASE STAND BY * THAT'S NOT THE ULTIMATE FISHING ROD! * PLEASE STAND BY * WHAT DO YOU MEAN!? "* PLEASE STAND BY *" THERE'S A NEW ENCHANTMENT! * PLEASE STAND BY * WHAT? * PLEASE STAND BY * MENDING OR SOMETHIN' * PLEASE STAND BY * Soo... There's apparently a 4th enchantment.. Mending makes it so all XP gained goes towards durabilty on the fishing rod. A pretty cool idea! Here i have a fishing rod with lure and one with unbreaking. You can switch rods while fishing without interrupting the process.

This can be exploited in various ways.. :I This means you can use the lure enchantment to get catch quickly.. And then switch to a regular or unbreaking fishing rod to avoid losing durability at all! Fishing rods lose different amounts of durability depending on what is hooked! Using it in water causes it to lose 1 durability per catch. Using it on the ground causes it to lose 2 durability per reel in! Hooking an entity cause a loss of 3 durability points. But remember, you can always drop the fishing rod to avoid all durability loss.

✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Fishing

Eating pufferfish poisons you and give you nausea. This is based on the real pufferfish, which is, in fact, extremely poisonous.

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