✔ Minecraft: 10 Ways to Use Pistons

By: MagmaMusen

Today Ill show you ten simple uses for pistons. In the bottom left corner, Ill be writing the thing Im working on.

Floor Patterns. Ill start off with something really simple, just to show how essential this video is going to be! Pistons are excellent for making patterns! And being generally creative with the blocks the game gives you! The patterns can be used anywhere, but I mostly use them for flooring.. This is a zig-zag pattern that I find interesting. The zigzag pattern may not appeal to most people but its a cool pattern thats unusual and unique in its own way Ill show you my favorite pattern. Im not sure what to call it.. this pattern is very unique because of the shapes and how they have been altered in a way that lots of people may not think of but it creates a whole new aspect to building and design.Theres lots of patterns to do, experiment!

Railway Traps. One of my favorite traps is the railway trap since its so simple and cartoonish! I personally think the railway trap is one of the oldest traps that people dont appreciate enough to talk about it such as the fact that you can move rails with pistons in which lots of people have forgotten after the 1.2.5 update. Put whatever evil things you want in the hole beneath the victim :] the problem with this trap is that its very obvious to anyone who has been playing Minecraft long enough to know what a pressure rail is and what it does. Now, lets test it! the other problem with this trap is that its not complex enough to actually kill the person instantly but instead the person can jump out of the Minecraft before it falls into the lava or abyss or anything that can kill them so maybe you can put some power rails to make it faster and have a surrounding area around the part of the trap which drops into the lava so they have no chance of escape.

Technical Difficulties Please Stand By I guess you need a little more speed when reaching the trap! This is where Id probably die.. *Fade Out* This is a common use for pistons! It was one of the first things I learned to make when pistons were added to PC. *Fade Out* I enjoy adding secret messages all around the world. There are either for myself or for others to find and see.

You can use the slab system shown here to power however many pistons behind a wall you want. :] It could also be used for a puzzle map if thats something you want to create. A really common use for pistons is doors. There are tons of tutorials for different piston door designs. Ill just show you a simple one! :] This is 2x2 design, which gives you a lot of possibilities if you want to make a cool door. Ill quickly show you a few designs I threw together.

✔ Minecraft: 10 Ways to Use Pistons

*Fade Out* Heres another trap I like. Its super simple, but mostly a joke. The way Im building it makes it really obvious and easy to break out of, unless youre on a protected server. The thing I like about it, is how frustrating it is once youre trapped. It looks like youre able to get out, but whenever you try, you will be blocked. It works well on mobs with a similar hitbox! If you enchant a lot, you might consider making a more advanced enchantment room! As you probably know, the level of enchantment you get depends on how many nearby bookshelves there are.

Lets make a room where you can vary the number of bookshelves nearby! :] This is of course done with pistons. Its pretty much done, we just need to cover it up! As you can see, we can now vary the number of bookshelves powering the enchantment table! Another use is secret passages. This button is so hard to spot, that it can be used to open a hidden passage. I really love the idea of one of those turning bookshelves... Making a bookshelf turn around would be really complicated, so Ill just make something with the same cool theme in mind. :] Now we can get into it using the button! It also needs a hidden room and a way to get out from the inside. Now Ill make a button inside that acts like the one on the outside. This can be done in a ton of ways, but this way us simple and classic! You should probably add a torch inside.

You can, of course, hide all your goods inside the room. Automatic farms are an entire field of science in Minecraft. Im just going to show you the concept, theres a lot of different tutorials for them on YouTube. You can farm monster loot, sugar canes, crops and other resources using pistons. This farm is going to be a semiautomatic one, which means you have to do some work when harvesting. However, using hoppers and Redstone magic you can make them fully automatic! If you want to harvest crops, you can use pistons to let water spread on your farmland. You can make a lot of interior details using pistons, but my favorite is the shower! :] Ill show you the simplest way to make one! Its done! Im going to take shower! *Singing while taking shower* Adding a towel and bathroom stuff makes it fit in perfectly! Outro Outro Outro Outro Outro.


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