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By: B.R. Brainerd

Welcome to guide numero dos - "Early Game Stability," Im your host B.R. Brainerd. After April Fools day my appearance is back to normal. Dont mind the blood, its not human, well it is human but its not what you think. My date, some months, she uh, (beat)...lets just say the bedroom looks like someone beat a tomato with a 2x4. Down to the business. First up are storage units from dart craft, theyre basic chests that dont require any wood. So early on if you have more cobble than wood, and youre likely to, these are a good option. Theyre linked to the player that places them, meaning that they are lockable which is a big deal on servers, if youre just starting out with your friends and you want to put a few items aside it used to be that you had to wait a few days to get a storage locker or spend a few days in Thaumcraft.

Not any more. Now this the basic grey storage unit, they can be upgraded later for more storage space, and you can also dye them but at least in my version the recipe is broken. Weve also got a slab furnace, now thats something I couldve used last time if you really want to optimize down to the level of saving a few pieces of cobblestone. Ive got a ton of rotten flesh here because this whole lake is basically one big ambiguously Canadian zombie icecapades rink. So since Ive got all of these formerly human steaks lying around I figure Ill show you the right way to be a cannibal.

Youve got an 80% chance to get the hunger debuff every time you eat a piece, which lasts for 30 seconds after which youll have lost about as much satiety as you gained. Thats how you know these are made from Canadian zombies; American zombies contain far more saturated fat. But check this out. Every new piece resets the duration of the hunger debuff. So if all youve got is rotten flesh to live off of, eww, wait for your hunger meter to get low and then go Oprah on them. Because weve got a garden Im putting that shit back in the chest.

Im going to show you something thoroughly better. Blueberry, raspberry, is it cocktail-o-clock already? Nay. Take a look at my hunger meter *glug glug glug* Berry blasts from Magical crops go right to your thighs, giving you a total of 4 haunches. We just drank as many calories as an entire cow.

► Minecraft Guides #2: Early Game Stability (TPPI FTB 1.6.4)

And did I get the bottle back? I did. This is my new favorite food source. Its compact, easy to access, and easy to automate I was heading out my front door about an hour ago when lightning struck right at my feet and then five minutes later right as Im going back in lightning struck me a second time. And I keep getting hit by meteors. Its like god found out I was the masterbatingest bear and decided he doesnt want to watch any more. Hard to blame him. But I hope you like the cabin better than he does. This little piggy did build his house out of wood, which scares me with but Ive seen homeless shelters made out of cardboard that looked better than that starting house so it had to go. The berry blast is probably going to give me screaming diarrhoea later on but we can use it for fertilizer.

So! You can only make the berry blast with three specific berries so were going to start uprooting all strawberries, some of these tomatoes, and replacing them with the very berry master races. "Ah, no, dont hurt me!" Tomatoes. No match for the champs right hook. Dont worry kids this tree is resting, shh. Shell be back up soon. The garden maintenance is done. Weve already got more food that we can eat, the trick is just to start your garden early. Heres a trick to getting the most out of your wheat. Usually were used to making bread like this, right? 3 across. No.

Bad. Bad player. Put the wheat in a crafting table instead, and youll get some flour. Barley works the exact same way. Good for cooking or for selling as sham cocaine to some Dominicans who forced you to flee to a cabin out in the woods. When you cook the flour youll triple your yield. Itll be good to have some extra food to fall back on because right now we dont have enough seeds to live only off of berry blasts.

Weve got to get our hands on some iron next. Now normally iron is more easy to catch than hepatitis at mardi gras, but on this map it might prove to be a little bit more challenging. You might have noticed last episode that we started out with about fifty books, so I went ahead and made a bibliocraft bookcase. You can make most bibliocraft items early in the game. Now two of the books we started out with are just for this mod pack. This here is a general introduction, it shows you some of the commands, how to check the changelog, and it also tells you how to read the summaries theyve written for each one of the mods.

Pretty cool, I like a pack that goes the extra mile. Aha, here we go, tppi ore generation. This pack changes where ore spawns, and iron in TPPI spawns from 57 to 33.

Aha, ok we should be good on iron then, it looks like the copper, copper is going to be difficult, and Ill show you why. Follow me down into my creepy basement. Now if we break this [break bottom dirt], you see that water? This island was built on top of a big lake, and thats the original lake underneath. And were already at level 50. So Im going to have to build some walls and tunnel underneath the lake, branch sideways, and then dig back up in order to get my hands on some copper. Thats ok, we can work with this.

There we go. I can start working up now. Itd be great if I found a cave, since they tend to have bats and bats are a big deal when youve got the Morph mod because they give you unlimited creative mode flight. iChun, morphs developer, said on his blog that this is because hes concerned with making the mod work first, and balancing it second so Id expect that to get nerfed at some point. The TPPI team went ahead and just disabled morphs bonuses and introduced advanced genetics instead. So you have to work a little bit harder for flight but it does include some pretty cool powers that well get into later. Ok, weve got what we needed.

Weve got plenty of cobblestone now so Ive added some stairs leading back up--this will save us a lot of food and therefore time spent gardening. Its a good idea to add some stairs to your first mine, or if youre especially daring, use a ladder, so long as you dont end up digging straight underneath your feet when building the shaft. Now a lot of you love an item called a grinder. You put in a lever here at the top, shove in your ores, and after a long, long time you get the most basic form of ore doubling in the game. I know, I used to use it myself but, I dont anymore. See, like the dark lord Gordon Gekko said, time, not money is the currency of life and it turns out that this grinder takes so long and is so tedious that youre actually better off just mining more ore and not bothering with ore doubling until you can get your mittens on a pulverizer. One more neat trick: because weve started mining weve got more cobble than we know what to do with.

So if you place two cobble in a crafting grid like so, and add some coal on top. Voila! Tinkers Construct torches. Shout out to OgreCasteel on reddit for letting me know about this one. So thats less time spent chopping down trees. And it also means that so long as youre hitting coal veins pretty regularly you should never again have to return topside because you forgot to bring enough torches. Ive also used this to expand my torch coverage during the day. Weve got most of the inlet covered, giving us concentric circles of security. The outer ring is the badlands where all the monsters spawn even during the day. Its going to take a lot of torches to cover up that area, but once we do the entire island will be safe.

The mobs that spawn in the outer ring have a crazy long tracking distance, and so hilariously what will sometimes happen is that theyll spawn during the day, and while Im cutting down trees theyll track me across the entire frozen lake, light on fire, and by the time they reach the other side theyll die and drop their items. So the lake is basically a rotten flesh conveyor belt right now. Since its made of ice monsters cannot spawn on it, but they can cross so i could make it even safer by melting all the ice, but frankly I like convenience of being able to cross it on foot. Then weve got the inlet which is almost entirely covered in torches now; all we see spawning in here is blue slime which even the slowest of pokes can escape from. And then weve got the cabin inside thats our last stronghold. Pretty good. Next time well be going on a quest for sheep as well as getting into some simple machines and more mods.

This is B.R. Brainerd, catch you next time.


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