Minecraft Parkour Guide Part 2 : 4 Block Jump Skipper, Acceleration, and More!

By: Marheave
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Let's talk about the advantages of 2 block ceiling Jumping while sprinting gives you more speed. You get even faster speed in smaller gaps. Ice also gives you more speed. So let's combine those things. If the gap is 1 block wide, you need half the materials. And upper trapdoors can be used too. Let's try it.

Wow, freaking fast. Minecart is nothing. 2.5 block gaps, you can sprint jump over 2 block holes. But not 3 block holes. 3 block gaps, your head will hit the ceiling, that will reduce your jump distance a bit.

4 block jumps seem impossible. And this one is even more impossible. I'll tell you why. Alright, let's try this once more. This one is a cool trick.

Sometimes you can sprint over 1 block holes. And if you put something 2 blocks behind the hole like this, It will always work. If there's a block above the hole, the trick is useless. You would even get into the block. If it's arranged like this, the trick works if you start from the left. But not from the right.

Minecraft Parkour Guide Part 2 : 4 Block Jump Skipper, Acceleration, and More!

Not even bugged. And if it's a 2 block tunnel, jumping is the only way. Right here we have some structure. Just walk in that direction.

Oh, what? Let's add a block up here. Well, this doesn't work. But this one works.

If you're heading west, you can't do it if there's a block up here. South and north works just fine. East doesn't work too.

So heading east or west forces you to jump, not to walk. Moving on, these jumps are very easy. 3 block jump, pretty easy. This is the variation.

This is a 3 diagonal block jump, harder than a 4 block jump. So this one is a 3 block, 1 up jump. The same as a 4 block jump. The 4 block jump, people really hate it. Now, see these 4 block jumps? 1 block platform here and 2 block here. The 2 block platform is easier.

And the first jump would be harder than the second jump. Actually, just a bit. Why would these things happen? It's caused by acceleration. When you drive a car, it doesn't start from 100 kmh, but from 0.

Your speed eventually rises because of the acceleration, until you reach the top speed. When your sprint engages, it's the starting speed. Then at a certain point you're not getting faster anymore. So the next time you want to 4 block jump, don't start here. Instead, gain speed first, then jump at the edge. Now right here we have a 3 block, 1 up, 2 right jump.

You know that diagonal jumps are hard because it's further. So let's try getting some speed first before jumping. So that's why this one is even more impossible. You only have less than 1 block to gain speed. While you have enough platforms here to gain speed. So in this fence jumping I wanna jump from here first to gain speed. So right here we have a 4 block skipper trick because we hate 4 block jumps. I recommend you to jump to gain speed then try to long jump. Use this technique In case there's only 4 blocks or less platform to gain speed.

So, starting from right around here, double tap then quickly hold jump. This works 100% if you know the time between taps when you try to sprint. The less relax version is the same, it's only the time between taps. No relax, Double tap as quickly as you can. Version 2 comes whenever there's only 1 platform but there's some before that. If there's 2 platforms I can't really help, it's about timing. The rules are pretty much the same. This is similar to relax 2.

That's it for the 4 block skipper, try it and if you like it, like and share this video! thanks for watching.

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