Minecraft Parkour Guide Part 3 : Ice, Cocoa Beans, Cakes and Cacti, and More!

By: Marheave
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You can jump over 5 blocks on ice. It's right around here, but I can't guarantee you. But see this, if you're above the ice it's slippery. If you're outside the ice, it's no more slippery.

It's a 4 block jump, but once you success, just hold jump and it will automatically do the other jumps. If you're trying to avoid slipperyness, you won't gain the maximum speed from ice. You can't avoid slipperyness in this one. But make sure you don't hit the wall.

We're closer to the end. Let's call this airstrafe. It's when you try to strafe while in mid-air. That can be called an airstrafe. Or like that.

In this pillar of death, there's some airstrafes you need to do. Now I'm gonna leave you with these blocks, there's something at the end. Right here we have some pillars, but don't expect me to do 180 degree jumps. Step a bit to the edge, look away, then jump, strafe to the left.

Minecraft Parkour Guide Part 3 : Ice, Cocoa Beans, Cakes and Cacti, and More!

Don't hit the wall. Here's some soul sand. We all know that soul sand slows you down. But it also pulls you down a bit. It's even slower here. Because there's some ice below. Add a cobweb and experience real slow. See those ice blocks below and compare the speed.

This would feel like jumping frogs. So sprint jump if you're trapped in soul sand. Unless there's some cobweb or lava above. I think it's a one way door, but I can't find how this works. You can stand on boats actually.

Cocoa beans can be used as stairs. Boats suck. You can't fall off so it's good as stairs. However, if it's an immature cocoa bean, you could fall off.

Cocoa beans are 7 pixels wide These are easy jumps. The last thing in this guide : cacti and cakes. there's some spaces left around them, you can walk on them. So I think that's all. If you like this video, like and share this video Thanks for watching.

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