Mischief the Fel Kitten - Emotes, Animations, Moves, and More

By: Hazelnuttygames

Hi! I'm Hazel, and this is a look at the new charity Shop pet, Mischief the Fel Kitty! We'll take a look at his model, animations, stats, moves and more. You can find Mischief prowling in your Shop tab waiting to be adopted for 10$. Between now and December the 31, 100% of the proceeds from in-game Mischief kitties will benefit the Make a Wish charity. Make a Wish is an organization that helps grant wishes to children with life-threatening and terminal illnesses. The most recent charity pet, Brightpaw, raised 1.7 Million dollars for the cause. Let's start with a look at Mischief's model.

He's a pretty small little kitty, but a Pet Biscuit fluffs him up nicely. He's got felfire smoking out of his back stripes and an extra little firespot on the tip of his tail. That seems like a bit of a hazard but his name is Mischief, after all. Big green eyes and a fluffy little face make it hard not to fall in love. If you're still on the fence, you gotta watch the Winter Veil themed Mischief cinematic blizzard put out. I'll put a link for ya in the the description below this video.

I haven't seen any brand new, unique animations on my Kitty yet, but he's a long way from sitting still. He dances with you when you /dance at him. Like other cat pets in WoW, if you target him and /sit he'll jump into your lap for cuddles. Target him and /roar and he'll show you how scary his roar is. On his own, you'll see him lay down for a nap, scratch and the ground, look around curiously, stretch, yawn and bust out his dance moves. Mischief does not fly and will despawn if you take off, then get resummoned when you land. With all that said, let's take a look at his stats and moves.

At level 25, Mischief has a strong 297 attack and is quite fast with 289 speed. He is a bit on the squishy side with under 1400 health. In his first slot, he can take Bite or Prowl. The second slot has Fel Immolate or Crouch while the third slot has Forboding Curse and Chaos Nova. At first look, Elemental damage on a beast type pet seems kinda backwards. Immolate and Chaos Nova will do strong damage against Mechs, but those same Mechs will shred you because of your Beast type. With a closer look, though, he's got a couple of nice combos.

Mischief the Fel Kitten - Emotes, Animations, Moves, and More

Forboding Curse will slow the enemy pet by 25% for four rounds, making it easy to get extra Pounce damage. It also adds damage to every attack on the target, which almost doubles the effect of Fel Immolate. Last, Chaos Nova is actually unique to Mischief.

It has pretty much the same effect as Cosmic Smash from the new Stardust bunny pet, but with a higher base damage. It cleaves the whole enemy team with a short 2 round cooldown, so if there are Mechanical pets in the backline like we see with the Omnitron fight, you could do some good work. If you still need more Mischief, there's one more thing to look at. Blizzard has added a Glow in the Dark Mischief plush to the Gear store. Until December 31st, 14$ from every Mischief plush sale will go to Make a Wish. If you or somebody on your holiday gift list needs a Mischief plush in their life, now is the best time to do it. I already ordered mine, and I can't wait. And that's Mischief the fel kitten! Some people have expressed disappointment that the plush does not include the in-game pet like the Wind Rider and Gryphon hatchling do.

Because this one's for charity, though, I don't mind buying it twice. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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