Must Have Skyrim Mods

By: Fevir

What's good. It's Fevir. Today we're going to be briefly be going over the files of the month.. for Decemeber.. according to nexus mods.. for Skyrim.. Special Edition. I'll try to give a bit of a rundown on each mod as I move through them.

even though quite frequently these mods deserve a video to themselves. Starting the list off we have Simply Bigger Trees. This mod has one basic goal.. to simply.. make the trees.. bigger.. and this at first kept me from installing the mod as.

bigger trees.. who cares. However for this video- actually.. I installed it.. and this mod delivers on more than you than you'd think.

Mainly it alters the atmosphere.. and gives a vanilla themed.. type of variation.. because of the resizing the trees do look completely different... you could look at this like a retexture or replacer mod.. but because it uses the same color palette.. the same textures and patterns.. it still feels the same.

Must Have Skyrim Mods

but different. These type of variation mods I find very important as I move through playthrough after playthrough to help keep things fresh.. and this changes the forested areas in a different way than just a reskin- so it's a type of variation that doesn't rely on solely a new coat of paint. Next on the list is the Skyrim Special Edition NIF Optimizer tool. I'm not going to go into any real detail here as if you need this tool.. you probably already have this tool. It finds it's way here because people are probably using it to help port old Skyrim mods to the special edition.

great tool. Boring mod for the list. Number 3.

is the follower mod Recorder. A lot of you know I am not really a fan of follower mods.. I have about a 1-3 scale for follower mods.. bad.. adequate.. surprisingly good. It's hard to be critical of a mod that hits a file of the month spot.. even if this mod has a little help from factors at play outside of the mod itself that lends to it's popularity.

but it's a solid 2. The premise of Recorder is this type of documenter of the Dragonborn's Adventure.. so it's this type of quirky narration dialogue that's spit out with this adorably cute voice that plays to that kawaii asian waifu stuff. That alone makes it a hit for people who like these almost.

glamor followers.. outside of the followers appearance. Using it for a couple hours I have come across a few issues.. checking the comments on the mod.. there seems to be a few more. That to me is what kept it down from a 3.. really unique theme.. and backstory and identity within the game.. but a bit buggy.

Coming in at Number 2.. is another.. follower mod. Vilja in Skyrim. So using that terrible 1-3 system.. this is one of 2 followers.. the other being a certain cat.

that gets a 4. This is really a best in class follower mod.. funny enough the cat and Vilja actually have some exclusive interactions with each other.. Vilja is more than a pretty face.. I think functionally people gravitated to her as she plays a bit of a healer.. keeping you topped off so you can kill shit.

but find out that she is just a fully fleshed out character.. adds tons of color commentary.. has story lines.. and special hotkeys and events.. which at this point is pretty standard.. but just like the cat.. it's top tier in everything a follower can bring to Skyrim.. unfortunately for me.. I never liked her voice.

so I couldn't stand playing with her through a whole playthrough. And coming in at number 1 for Decemeber.. is another boring.. non-mod. It's Skyrim S.E.P.T.I.M.... a load order and Installation Guide. Septim.. as a word has some recognition in this game world.. but it stands for Special Edition.

possibly temporary.. improvements modifactions. Kind of picking up where STEP left off prior.. this is basically a glorified.. recommended mod list.. but.

is not only updated but also has painstakingly documented installation instructrions. I didn't mean glorified in some sort of negative light.. it's just that it is just one dudes mod list.. the incredible appeal of SEPTIM.. is that something that can be quite complicated or frustrating to do.. which is adding a huge amount of mods to your game in a stable manner.. is outlined so well. Funny enough something like this would make sense to appeal to people looking to start modding or relatively new modders not quite sure what to do and what to download.. because it's just a step.

by step.. by step.. by step guide for a frankly.. great mod list.. that touches on everything from textures to NPC overhauls.. to balance to gameplay tweaks and animation and immersion bolstering changes.. it really is a great all around list. But.

there are a lot of parts here. A lot of which to a newer modder.. they won't notice and act to only complicate the installation... and while it's a great thing to recommend to others.. I know to just friends I've recommended this too they saw the length of this list and the like 100s of steps.

and said no thank you. This list is probably more for the intermediate modder.. looking for a great curated.

starting point to base their individual mod list on.. as a jumping off point.. whether you only use certain section or whatnot.. has a lot of value. As people come back to Skyrim after a couple months.. maybe even years.. knowing that this is hopefully.. going to be kept up to date.. shortens the time that you'd need to spend hunting for that new hotness.

I gave SEPTIM a little longer.. because I wanted to convey where the value lies.. in something that a lot of people shrug off. That's going to go ahead and do it for me.. these were the top files from December. Hopefully.. next month will have less followers and more dope shit. Until next time.. this is Fevir.


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