Na`Vi new HQ review by Polina & Zeus (with Eng subs)

By: NAVI Dota 2

Itís windy outside and Iím near the Na`Vi office to show you where the guys are now. Letís have a look at this huge house which looks almost like a penthouse. Hey, whoís that? Hi Zeus! Hello! What are you doing here? Are you filming? I go to a very secret place, but itísÖ Wait,wait,wait! We canít pass without a code. Open the door please! It opens only like this! Press 0! The secret code is revealed! Change it after that! Thanks! Iím very glad to see you here! Hey, one more famous person here! Hello! Tell us what weíre doing now? Weíre walking through the corridor. Hereíre the elevators and weíll use one of them.

We need this one floor. I think that thieves wonít do anything bad. Is there something to steal? Yes, there is. Iíll even show you what is that. There is a lot of cool stuff. Are you alone? At this moment no.

Weíre together. Actually we go to the place where all the personnel of Natus Vincere is located. This is the place which I have been dreaming about for 3 years And hereís the secret corridor. You have to be very serious here, forget about humor because this placeÖ Because the office # 69 canít be serious. The magic powers.

This place is unreal. Letís start from the entrance. Whatís that? I want to tell you at once that thereís such a thing. Hi! There are some strangers. Somewhere here is the light. Hereís a cupboard. Here you can see all the stuff. Thereíre a few boxes, money, money and some clothes, vacuum cleaner etc.

Na`Vi new HQ review by Polina & Zeus (with Eng subs)

Yours or DOTA playersí? Ours, DOTA playersí and other peopleís. A bit from everyone. Weíre so kind that everybody can use it. This is one of the best places. I like it very much.

Are these all your prizes? Almost. And whereís the rest? The main part is in America, but thereís not so much. A very presentable entrance. Ok, show us something else. Show us more! We look at it every day! I think we can go further, what do you think? Letís go, letís do it! Letís turn to the left. Youíve got a steel logic; even I donít have such one.

This is the place where we meet and discuss serious issues. Conference hall. The discussions are always serious here, for instance, what we will do tonight, which club to go etc. Thatís very important! Yes, as we shouldnít go to uninteresting places, where the music is so-soÖ we want to have a nice mood, thatís why we discuss it right here. This secret room is a storage for extra PCs and in case something is broken we use these ones.

So you can see lots of different stuff here. As for this room, even I donít know thatís there. Hereís something. Thereís an apple-pie order. After we leave this room, we get to the kitchen. The sacred place. Yes, we get to the kitchen.

Itís designed in black and yellow colors. Itís designed by Navishkin from Russia in Na`Vi style. In our special cool black and yellow color combination.

Thereís a kettle, everything necessary. Whatís in the fridge? Thereís everything in the fridge, a water melon, cream, healthy food. Weíve been eating this water melon for a week. Here we have nice white plates, such nice cups. Whose that? I think its Markeloffís 100%. Yes, it belongs to him.

We have some guests! Letís go to meet them! Serious thing. We canít be sure this person wants it. But letís do it! Hello! Weíre glad to see you! Hello! Should I see you? Ok, we go to the most serious room. There are the most serious people. Introduce them to me. Who is this person? This is the CEO Natus Vincere, Alexander Kohanovskyy. Hello! ZeroGravity. Hereís a humble person.

What is he paid for? Heís a designer. He makes cool designs. Have you seen? The kitchen? We were cooperating together. Thereís Kirill, a humble person as well.

And he is also paid salary. He came to the kitchen. Ok.

This is a well-known person who invented all this stuff. Oleg ìprbî Olessshhha Heís got some smart books here! Everything isnít just for fun! What are you doing? Weíre making subtitles to ìMarkeloff Summer Secretsî at the moment. Wow, at last! Thanks! Cool! This is also a cool guy! Andrew. With kefir. Yeah, Iím from Kharkov, we drink kefir there.

Yeah, give me a highfive, weíre both from Kharkov! Is it a monthly schedule? This is the schedule of love to our sponsors. When we love this one and this one and so on. Actually, this is our marketing plan and the team schedule is over there! Letís have a look! This is the tournament we won in 2010. Itís signed. Here are the plans for main projects. This is a list of tasks for Oleg. I donít know his tasks. HmÖ He has to meet Igor.

to distribute business cards. These are some fearsome dates. We shouldnít film these dates, it can be dangerous! In general this is a nice room, for exampleÖ Hello! This guy makes online shop. Weíve releasing online shop soon. Yes, there will be an online shop on the website where you can buy our jersey as well as some products of our partners.

Great, really great! Letís go on! Only good news. Number 69 turns out to be very special. Why donít you film Polina? Just because! What about Masha & Dasha? Markeloff! Me sweetie! Donít call me like this. What are you doing? Iím making some drink. Give the cam. No, no, continue! I just wanted to film you. You can do it later.

Ok, so now weíre in the training room. The guys are practicing CS. weíre preparing for tomorrowís Techlabs tournament in Karavan shopping mall. We can see how the guys practice somebody is about socials someone listens to the music. Heís the most responsible player. Heís very cool thatís why he doesnít need to practice. Start playing DOTA! Easy, guy! How long are you staying here? Yes, twenty-four hours a day.

We can approach to this cool guy. Even film his beard. I know that narrow-eyed ladies love him a lot! Itís so cute! Hey, were there a lot of girls trying to pick up you in China? Excuse me, repeat the question please? We caught him napping! Iíll tell you! There were, let me countÖ and all of them were so small and there were so many of them, a lot! He was surrounded by them and simply taken away! We could only see the clothes flying away! There were approximately ten tiny Chinese girls. But he was rather confident. I think I would lose my head. So it was cool. Show me your working place.

Here it is. I can see how hard you are working. Itís so sweet! Weíre working in Weíre paid some money for that. Stas Mikhailov, Stas Mikhailov Ö ìEverything for you,î etcÖ you know I a mood like that sometimes. What else do you have? I can see the balcony.

Weíll check everything. Thereís a balcony and a chair. When someone has a depression or something like that we always have it. Itís a special chair for the captain.

I come to this balcony, sit on the chair, look at the window and think about how to create some new interesting strategies. I have some ideas and combinations flashing in my mind. This way we win world championships On this chair at this balcony! I had so many ideas here! Thereís the way to the conference hall, yeah? Yes, but you can enter the balcony from the conference hall, too After Alex saw me sitting here he started doing the same.

Thereíre two more interesting rooms which we havenít seen yet. So letís go there! I think itís a bathroom for sure. Oh, letís see. Well, you can have a look. You can have a shower here in case you got sweated while practicing. Itís rather nice and we can see that somebody has already used it.

Where do you live when you come to Kiev? Here, of course. Oh, I thought somebodyís knocking here. This is the room which is not equipped yet. Here will be the Na`Vi museum with the outstanding historical moments. We wonít have the museum here.

Weíll have it there! This is the 2nd gaming room. If two teams are bootcamping at once. Oh, and Iíve been thinking about the museum! So here will be the 2nd gaming room which will be equipped with powerful PCs soon. Here we have a smoking place with such an ashtray and a lamp, so when you want to smoke in winter you can switch it on not to be cold. You can film a great view here.

I like the fact that you can come here and have a look at it. Ioann likes it as thereís a riverÖ It inspires. Yes, Markeloff likes it as well. Though itís high here. I hope it will never happen that you film us holding someone and asking if he can play really well! I hope weíll only smoke here. Zeus, itís really great! Iím so impressed! I like it! Do you like it?! I love it. Whatís here? This is the place for our streamers. They will sit here and broadcast.

Itís not finally equipped, so I hope it will be really cool when finished. Letís make a conclusion. I want to thank you for being with us. I want to send greetings to everyone, I hope youíll like the video.

Weíll show you more room later as they are being built right now. Itís important that ZeroGravity actually knows that you are building new rooms here! Guys, watch new videos, participate in the contests, Bye!.

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