Obsidian Stone Spaulders - Paladin Legendary Review #1

By: Cee Breezy

Hey everyone this is the first video part of my series review and paladin legendaries in Legion. Just to give you some background I currently main a holy paladin and I've been playing a paladin since the launch of vanilla 12 years ago. The only other class that I've really dabbled with is priests, but there's something about paladins that I just love and truth be told, this is the first expansion where I've honestly mained as Holy. In the past I've always either been prot or ret. I haven't ever really played holy. When Legion came out, I leveled up as ret and intended to do end game content as either ret or prot. I kind of fell into healing early on when my guild raid group needed a healer.

I offered to give it a try and seeing how fun it was and how well I did I stuck to it. Anyway the purpose of this video series is to highlight paladin legendaries, review them and explain their uses. I'm going to start off by reviewing legendaries that I already have because I've had the most experience using them.

Also I realize legendaries are completely random so it's not like you just farm a boss to get the ones that you want. One workaround to that which I can recommend is getting on the PTR. I believe you have to request access to the PTR through your battle.net account but once you get it all setup there's a vendor stationed in the main towns called legendary Flaskataur. I made a video on him which you can check out but in a nutshell you could basically buy any legendary you want for gold and test it out. Anyway let's get started. Obsidian Stone Spaulders is the fourth and latest legendary I've gotten on my paladin. In almost six months that region has been out, since I don't have any alts, I think getting four legendaries in that time isn't too bad at all. My spaulders dropped up heroic Krosus in The Nighthold but again, totally random.

When I first got them, I was really excited because I remember reading up on what are said to be the top holy paladin legendaries and in-line with Icy-Veins' opinion, they're ranked at the top holding the number one spot. The only contender item that could hold the number one spot is the ring Ilterendi, Crown Jewel of Silvermoon which I also have and will probably be the next legendary that I review. As the name suggests Obsidian Stone Spaulders is a plate shoulder.

Obsidian Stone Spaulders - Paladin Legendary Review #1

As of the upcoming patch 7.2, their bonus stats are crit and haste and when equipped thirty percent of any healing done to you heals all allies affected by your beacons divided evenly. I personally love equipment with the equip bonuses or passive effects. It could be because I'm lazy, I don't know, but it's just one less thing for me to actively worry about. They're dark in color staying true to their obsidian stone name with large, jagged edges that are pretty big in size.

That being said, using these shoulders efficiently will most likely effect which beacons you use. So, let's go over the equip bonus in more detail. Thirty percent of any healing done to you heal all allies affected by your beacons divided evenly. Let's break this into two parts. The first part is thirty percent of any healing done to you.

This means that thirty percent of any healing that you receive is split between your beacons or beacon. The source of this healing can be your own heals or heals from other players. So in theory, if your ally heals you for a hundred thousand, your single beacon target will be healed for 30,000. If you are healed for 500,000 your single beacon will be healed for 150,000, which brings us to the second part, this thirty percent is split up to heal alll allies affected by your beacons.

Let's go through each beacon talent to further explain. If you have the Beacon of Faith talent, you've got two beacon targets. Therefore, the thirty percent healing will be split in half and each of your two becaon targets will receive fifteen percent of the healing each. So again, if you are healed for a hundred thousand your to begin targets will each be healed for 15,000. If you are healed for 500,000, each of your beacon targets will be healed for 75,000. As explained beforehand, if you have the Beacon of the Lightbringer talent, you'll only have one beacon target and therefore your target will receive the full thirty percent amount. Alternatively, if you use Beacon of Virtue, you target an ally and three other injured allies also receive its effect. In short Beacon of Virtue is essentially your beacon split four ways.

When using Obsidian Stone Spaulders, this in theory be the least effective talent to use. If you were killed for 100,000 your four beacons will have a 30-percent of healing split four ways and therefore will each receive 7,500 in heals. If you are healed for 500,000, your four targets will each receive 37,500 healing each. And keep in mind that these heals are only distributed if you yourself are healed. So if you're not being healed or not in need of any heals, the stone pauldrons won't be put into any use. Other variables that have noticed is your healing aura. Since your aura is constantly ticking if you have Obsidian Stone Spaulders equipped, your beacon target or targets will constantly be receiving an additional stream of healing.

This isn't a very large amount but another thing to take note of. For example, if my aura ticks for 5,000 healing per second, my beacon target will also receive 1,500 in healing per second. The only other question I had was whether or not this applied to healing pots or health stones. So if I'm missing health and then use a healing pot or healthstone, will the shoulders proc? I did a little experiment in Dalaran with the help of the life stealing skill Blood of the Martyr, got my health down fairly low and then drank a healing pot. Based on my combat log, it works. As you can see, the healing potion healed me and then the Obsidian Stone Spaulders also healed for that certain amount. Martyr is not a skill that I use often just because it subtracts my own health, but by newly acquiring Obsidian Stone Spaulders, I'm curious to try to implement using Martyr more.

If I'm losing more health, in theory I'll be healed more by either myself or other players and therefore this will add to the healing effects from my shoulders. Same goes with blessing of sacrifice - you're essentially putting the blessing on somebody to help mitigate some of the damage that they're taking so as a result, you'll be taking damage and further result you will possibly be receiving more healing hence having an additional effect from Obsidian Stone Spaulders. This concludes my review of Obsidian Stone Spaulders. As I said, I've just recently gotten them so I'm going to be spending a lot of time testing them in game and in raids.

But I'd love to know - have you tried these shoulders out? Do you think they really are the best current legendary for paladins? Which beacon do you prefer to use them with? Any other cool combos worth mentioning? Let me know. Thanks again for watching this video and stay tuned for more legendary reviews. If you like the video I'd appreciate if you subscribe to my channel. Thanks and I'll see you next time!.

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