OpenAI + Dota 2

By: OpenAI

OpenAI's goal is to build safe artificial general intelligence. We know that AI can be very beneficial to humanity, and it's going to require fundamental advances to really see what it's capable of. Dota is a great testbed for artificial intelligence.

It's a very complicated game with a large competitive scene. And what this means is that you have to develop new techniques, you have to push forward the boundary of what's possible in order to get anywhere. For this project, we're building a Dota player.

We're starting with a bot capable of beating top professional players at Dota 1v1. The rules of Dota are so complicated that if you just think really hard about how the game works and try to write those rules down, you're not even going to be able to reach the performance of even a reasonable player. So, our bot is trained entirely through self-play. It starts out completely random with no knowledge of the world, and simply plays against a copy of itself, which means it always has an evenly matched opponent, and it climbs this ladder of skill level until it's able to reach the performance of the best professional players in the world. The International is Dota's world championships. 20.000 fans come from around the world to watch professionals complete for a $24M prize pool.

Over the course of The International, we tested our bot against a number of professional players. It turns out that our AI has learned really robust skills in the game, and that it's actually really competitive with these pros. Many of the pros wanted to keep playing the bot and started talking about using it as part of their training routine. My first impression is: it's pretty easy to get tilted from losing to, like, a bot, and I think the problem lies in that people don't usually expect such a strong bot. [In-game:] Now he has a double wave and I can't trade hits with him..

OpenAI + Dota 2

and he's gonna be level 3 before me.. with full HP... [To camera:] I think.

watching the replay, honestly, I just learned something, so it's pretty helpful. I feel like I'm one of the strongest SFs, and knowing that this move... like, if I can foresee that if I make this move, this will happen to my wave, this is what's gonna happen.. it's just pretty nice to experience it. Someone could tell me this could happen, but I think experiencing it is just another level of knowledge.

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