Overwatch: Best Offense Hero

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Selecting the best offense hero in Overwatch is a tough task. To be honest, it’s impossible. Developers from Blizzard do all their best to balance the game and to make all characters 100% playable. There are 6 heroes for dealing damage and attacking foes in the game and all of them have their unique weaknesses and strengths.

You should be more specific when selecting a hero. That’s why it’s much better to ask “What’s the greatest offense character with high mobility?” Each hero is great for different roles in group or for solo play. We will highlight all the advantages and disadvantages of playing each hero and you will be able to decide whom to select. If you don’t want to read use the table below to see our recommendations.

Offensive Heroes Comparison

HeroPrimary weaponControlling abilitiesDefence and MobilityHealingMastery
Soldier:76 Assault rifle. High Fire rate. High range.  - Low mobility. Can increase movement speed with Sprint. Sets healing station which heals all players in range. Easy to master. Great for beginners.
McCree Pistol (6 bullets). Average fire rate, but has a skill for rapid shots. Flashbang (stuns enemy) Low mobility. Can use Combat roll.  - Difficult. Requires in time actions.
Reaper Shotgun. Average fire rate. Low effective range.  - High mobility. High Defence. Can teleport. Can use Wraith Form for moving withoiut taking damage. Can recover 50HP after killing enemy. Relatively easy to master.
Genji Shuriken. Fires 3 stars one by one fast.  - High mobility. High Defence. Can climb walls and double jump. Can reflect projectiles.  - Difficult. Requires in time actions.
Pharah Rocket launcher. Average fire rate. Concusive blast (knocks back enemies) High Mobility. Can fly and use Jump Jet.  - Relatively easy to master.
Tracer Pulse Pistols. High fire rate. High range.  - High mobility. Blinks. Returns back in time. When returns back in time returns HP. Relatively easy to master.

More Details

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is one of the best offense characters for beginners. That’s because he doesn’t require a lot of time to master. If you like standard First Person Shooters you will have no troubles with this guy. He is easy to manage and he has very simple attacks. His primary weapon is assault rifle with high fire rate. He also fires rockets, uses biotic field to heal allies and has strong Ultimate ability. He can sprint.

As you see he has all required skills: sprint for increasing mobility, rockets and assault rifle for dealing damage and healing station for maintaining HP. Any beginner will find him easy to master and useful in a team.


McCree is a cowboy. He is a great offense hero for skilled players. Unlike Soldier: 76 which doesn’t require any special playing skills and reaction, McCree is relatively more difficult to master. He requires perfect reaction and timing. If you use his abilities in time you will be able to deal a lot of damage. But if you don’t have reaction it’s better to avoid this guy.  

His primary weapon is a pistol with 6 bullets. He has great RMB attack called Peacekeeper. This attack fires all the bullets McCree has in his revolver very fast. He can roll, he throws flashbang to stun foes and he has Deadeye ultimate which allows to kill multiple enemies fast.


Reaper is another great offense character. He is famous for his mobility and high burst damage. If you like to move very fast and avoid attacks this character is for you. He also has high survivability because of life leaching skill and possibility to remove debuffs with Wraith Form ability. The main disadvantage is that he is effective in small range combat. If the enemy is too far he will not be able to be 100% effective. That’s because his primary weapon is shotgun. The other disadvantage of Reaper is that he doesn’t have any controlling abilities.

We recommend this hero for all players who like to have high mobility, survivability and fight at close range.


Genji is a ninja. He is very difficult to master because all his abilities require perfect timing. But if you have good reaction you can dominate.  

He attacks enemies with shuriken. He can suddenly jump towards target using Swift strike skill and apply bleeding. He can reflect projectiles back with Deflect skill. Genji has high mobility because of Cyber-Agility passive which allows him to climb and double jump. His Dragonblade ultimate skill is extremely deadly.

We recommend this hero if you have good reaction. Otherwise you will not be able to use him with 100% efficiency.


Pharah is great if you like to have high mobility and take down enemies from above. This hero can fly and that’s a great advantage for playing at some maps. Her skills are not very difficult to use and that’s a good advantage.


Tracer is a great choice if you like high mobility and survivability. Blink skill allows her to move very fast and the cooldown is pretty low. Recall allows to return back in time returning health, ammo and position. Pulse bomb ultimate deals high damage. Combilning all the abilities you can become really strong threat.

As you see every offense character is the best for different playstyles. If you like to move fast and fight at close range select reaper. If you wish to move back in time select Tracer. This is all about your own preferences.

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