Overwatch: Death Blossom Tips and Secrets

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Death Blossom is Reaper’s ultimate ability in Overwatch. You can activate this skill by pressing Q button. This is a very dangerous ability that can kill multiple targets in short period of time. Read this guide to find out how and when to use this skill with maximum efficiency.

When you activate this skill hero attacks all nearby enemies with his Hellfire Shotguns. He shots in all directions and he can move while attacking. This allows him to harvest many kills very fast. That’s why this hero is called Reaper.

Duration of the ability is 3 seconds and damage output is 600.

As any other Ultimate Ability in Overwatch, Death Blossom requires recharging. You need to recharge the skill before you can use it again. All you need for this is either deal or take damage. If you just run around you have no progress in recharging.

Death Blossom

How to Use?

Using this ability requires great positioning and timing. If you want to use it for 100% you should make sure you are surrounded by multiple foes and some of them are at low health. This will make your attack really effective.

Tips and Secrets

The main thing you need to know about Death Blossom is that you don’t become invulnerable while using this ability. That’s why it’s not recommended using it at low health. You may be easily killed by an enemy and you will lose most of the potential.

That’s why one of the greatest combos for this is: Wraith Form + Death Blossom. This combo solves the main problem: you can get close to enemies without taking danage and then attack them with this Ultimate.

Here is how it works: you start with Wraith Form which lasts for 3 seconds and transforms you into shadow. You can’t deal and take damage while this form is active, you also move faster. You use Wraith Form for getting as close to enemies as possible and then you use Death Blossom. Your health will be full and you will be able to deal high damage or even destroy some foes.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is that Death Blossom attacks of the Reaper are treated as Hellfire Shotguns shots. That means is an enemy is protected by a shield or is standing behind a cover the damage will be lowered or even blocked. That’s why it’s important to use this ability when enemies don’t have places for hiding.


Interrupting is the other major thing to consider. When your hero performs Death Blossom attacks he may be easily interrupted by foes. The ability lasts for 3 seconds and enemies have time to stop you in the beginning if they have good reaction. For example Roadhog can interrupt Reaper with Chain Hook. McCree can use his Flashbangs for this too.

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