Overwatch: Dragonblade Skill

By: Admin

Dragonblade is Ultimate ability of Genji in Overwatch. When it is active, hero takes his katana and can deal high melee damage to his foes. Damage: 120 per swing. Duration: 8 seconds. As any other Ultimate it requires recharging. You can recover your ultimate by dealing or taking damage in combat.


What’s so special about this skill? The general difficulty here is that Genji’s base attacks are ranged. He shots enemies with shurikens. His basic attack have rather good range and are effective. But this Ultimate Ability is melee!!! When it’s used the hero takes katana in hands and loses ability to use shurikens. He can no longer use ranged weapon until the skill is finished. That’s why you need to pay attention to your position when you activate the skill. It’s great if you have several foes not far from you. Otherwise you may spend your ultimate without result.

Don’t forget that you can still benefit from using Cyber-Agility passive when Dragonblade is active. This passive allows to climb and double jump. This may help you to get closer to enemies and suddenly attack them.

Keep in mind that when Genji activates the Ultimate ability he doesn’t get any speed bonuses. He gets only huge damage boost. But he still moves like he always does.  


Dragonblade + Swift Strike: it’s possible to use Swift Strike when Dragonblade is active. This combo allows to get close to enemy much faster. As you already know the main problem of Genji’s Ultimate is that he becomes melee fighter. He has to get close to target in order to attack it with Ultimate. Swift Strike helps to move the hero to enemy very fast.

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