Overwatch: Genji - Full Guide

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Genji is one of the strongest offense heroes in Overwatch. He is a ninja who uses Shurikens and katana for attacking enemies. This hero is very strong. He can reflect projectiles, leap to enemies attacking them and use his powerful ultimate to deal great damage. His ultimate is one of the strongest in the game. He can climb and double jump. Genji guide will tell about the abilities, powers, advantages and disadvantages of this great hero.

Very high damage output and high mobility make this hero very strong. But to use all power of Genji you will have to master his abilities. This hero is very difficult to master because his skills must be used in proper time. Moreover, his basic attacks deal damage to enemies at a distance while his Ultimate is for melee combat. That’s why this hero is rather difficult to play with. You must have great reaction and know when to use his powers. But if you can master his attacks you will become dangerous threat.

Genji guide

The other advantage of playing Genji is that he is not very popular due to the difficulty of his powers. Thus many players don’t know how to resist him. But if you really can master mechanics of this guy, you will have an advantage.

  • Health: 200
  • Weapon: Shuriken
  • Ammo: 24 Shurikens


Skill Description





This passive skill is always active. It grants hero two great opportunities:


  • Vertical climb: hero is able to climb walls and other vertical surfaces. Almost any surface is good for this ability.
  • Double Jump: when you jump press jump button and you will jump again.

Both abilities make this hero very mobile. He can reach any point of any map without difficulties.




Primary weapon of the character.


  • Ammo: 24.
  • Damage: 28 per shuriken.


Press attack button (LMB) to throw 3 Shuriken one by one fast. The attack speed is not very fast but the accuracy is great. Fire rate: 3 rps.


If you press secondary attack button (RMB) Genji will throw 3 shuriken in a cone simultaneously. This attack is much faster. That’s why it’s great for short range. Fire rate: 6 rps.


Both attacks can deal headshot damage.



  • Duration: 2 seconds
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds


When you activate this ability hero assumes a defensive stance for 2 seconds. He deflects all the projectiles that hit him from the front. Defected attacks deal the same damage and apply the same effects to target as the original. As you see the ability is extremely powerful! Hero can’t attack and use other skill while Deflect is active.


Keep in Mind: You can’t defect following attacks:


  1. Winston – Tesla Cannon
  2. Symmetra – Photon Projector
  3. Zarya – Particle Cannon (primary attack)


When use Defect skill make sure you don’t have enemy behind. Projectiles that shot you from behind can’t be defected.


This skill is a real game changer!!! It can give you great advantage in combat. But it requires perfect reaction. If you use it too early or too late you will lose it. The hearo is much weaker without this ability.


Swift Strike


Swift Strike

  • Damage: 50
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds


Fixed distance forward dash. All enemies on the way receive damage. This skill can be used for attacking foes, escaping or catching a target with low health. If Genji kills an enemy with this attack cooldown resets immediately.


As the cooldown resets every time hero kills someone with Swift Strike, you can use this advantage for quick chain-kills. All you need for this is several low-health enemies.





  • Damage: 120 per swing
  • Duration: 8 seconds


When activated Genji changes his weapon. He takes katana and can’t use shurikens for the duration. He becomes melee samurai with very high basic melee damage.


This ability is risky!!! The hero loses opportunity to attack distant enemies while receives great melee damage boost! Using this skill in time is the key. You must have enemy within your melee reach distance before activating Dragonblade.


You can still benefit from Cyber-Agility when Dragonblade is active. Use it for reaching new targets or for ambushing enemies.


When Dragonblade is active hero receives only damage boost. He doesn’t get any speed boost so you still have to reach enemy in order to attack him. You can use Swift Strike for this.


Fan of Blades + Swift Strike: This combo is very effective for close range encounters. Fan of Blades deals damage much faster than your basic attack and Swift Strike cancels the animation of Fan of Blades allowing you to burst high damage very fast. If you do everything right you damage output will be about 134. That will usually be enough for killing an injured enemy.

DeflectSwift Strike: Great combo for dealing high damage if you block heavy attack of the enemy. It allows to reach him fast and continue bursting.

Dragonblade + Swift Strike: The only disadvantage of Dragonblade is that the ability doesn’t give you extra mobility or speed boost. You continue moving at normal speed. But the skill is melee and many foes will try to escape your deadly melee attacks. Use  Swift Strike for reaching them fast.


  • The hero has very good mobility and can reach almost any spot on the map. That’s why you should try to be taking side routes in order to reach enemy suddenly.
  • Don’t go too far from your team. Though Genji is strong he has fewer skills for escaping bad encounters.
  • The best distance for fighting is medium range. Engage in close combat only if Dragonblade ultimate is ready or if the enemy is weak.
  • Deflect is a true game changer. It can deflect most of the attacks of other heroes. That’s why smart enemies will be waiting until you use this skill before attacking you. You should always use it in the right moment.
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