How to Add Friends in Overwatch?

By: Admin

As you know there are several teaming modes in Overwatch: you can play with AI, you can team up with random players or you may group up with your friends. This guide will tell how to add new friends in Overwatch.

First of all you need to access Social Menu. Press O keyboard key if you play on PC or D-Pad Down if you play on PS4 / xBox One. You will see a list of all your contacts, their online status and their game status. Use this menu for adding new friends.

What for?

When you add a person to your friends list you can see if he is playing the game or not. If he is playing you can request to join his group. It’s great to play in a group with someone you know and trust.

Pay attention: use this menu carefully. Right now you need to right click player’s name in order to request joining his group. But if you misclick and click a player who is offline you will accidently remove him from the list. It looks like this is a bug and it will be patch sooner or later.

When you are in group you are able to talk with group members using special voice or send messages using chat. Thus you can communicate with team members to act better.

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