Overwatch: How to Buy Skins?

By: Admin

When you start playing Overwatch you have access to basic hero skins only. But heach hero has huge variety of available appearances. If you wish to access new skins you have to unlock them. This guide will explain how to buy skins in Overwatch.

Skin Cost / Coins

The first thing you need to know is that each skin has its cost.  Some are cheap, others are more expensive. The most expensive appearance option will cost you 1000 coins. For example Reaper has 11 different options:

  • 4 Rare (75 coins each)
  • 2 Epic (250 coins each)
  • 4 Legendary (1000 coins each)

Total coast:  4800 coins

As you see you will need 4800 coins for purchasing all skins of Reaper. The coast is really high taking into account that you can’t purchase coins for real money directly! The only way to get coins is buy Loot Boxes. They contain different rewards including coins. Here is the amount of coins you can get from a loot box depending on drop rarity:

  • Common Loot Box – 50 coins
  • Rare Loot Box – 100 coins
  • Epic Loot Box – 150 coins
  • Legendary Loot Box – 500 coins

You can also get coins when you receive the item you already own.  If you already own a cosmetic item and you receive the same from Loot Box the game will automatically transform it into coins according to its rarity.

  • Common Item - 5 coins
  • Rare Item  - 15 coins
  • Epic Item - 50 coins
  • Legendary Item - 200 coins


Now you know where to get currency for purchasing new skins in Overwatch. It’s time to buy. Visit the gallery of your heroes and select the hero you wish to upgrade. Then a new screen will appear. You will see all the cosmetic upgrades in the menu on the left. Select “Skins” and you will see the list of all available appearances. Choose the option you wish to buy and click Unlock button on the right. This button is located below Equip button. If you have enough currency the skin will be purchased and added to your gallery.

Purchasing Skins

Now if you open a Loot Box and receive similar skin it will automatically be turned into cash.

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