Overwatch: How To Counter Bastion?

By: Admin

Many players think that Bastion is overpowered. If you visit Overwatch forums you will see many topics asking to nerf the hero. But we think that he is not overpowered. All heroes have their strengths and weaknesses. In this guide we will tell how to counter Bastion effectively and what heroes are the best for this task.

The reason players choose Bastion is that he is extremely easy to play. All you need is to pick this hero and you can take down almost every enemy fast using Turret mode. While he is in Turret mode he has rather high burst damage and rate of fire. But his weakness is that he can be taken down pretty fast too. You will be surprised with how many heroes can be effective against him.

How to Counter Bastion?

The list below contains all heroes with their potential of confrontation in 1 vs 1 battle:

  • (BEST PICK) Genji is extremely effective against Bastion. His Deflect ability can reflect his projectiles and kill him fast.
  • McCree will not kill him fast at long range. But if he is close enough to use his Flashbang he will be able to take him down. Flashbang to stun and burst attack with pistols.
  • (BEST PICK) Pharah is also reliable counter. She can kill him with her rockets pretty fast from any distance.
  • Reaper can also counter him. If he is not too far he can use Shadow step to come close and attack from behind.
  • Soldier 76 will have hard time against him at range. He will have to take down armor first in order to make the bullets more effective. In general Soldier 76 can confront Bastion if there is a cover where he can hide.
  • Tracer will have difficulties at long range. She will have to blink a lot in order to get close. But if she meets Bastion at close range with Pulse bomb ready, he will be an easy target.
  • (BEST PICK) Hanzo can confront him at long distance. He can force him to move using ultimate.
  • (BEST PICK) Juncrat is also a good choice because he can attack Bastion indirectly (hiding behind cover) and make him move. His ultimate is also strong against this hero.
  • Mei can confront him using her wall of ice. But this is not the best hero for countering.
  • Torbjorn is also not the best. But he can resist Bastion with his basic attacks.
  • (BEST PICK) Widowmaker is a good choice because of her effective range. She can easily take him down hiding behind the cover in between the attacks. Bastion’s turret is not very effective at long distance.
  • D.Va is not the best choice. She has great defense which may allow you to get close.
  • Reinhardt can resist the hero using his shield. He can also charge up but anyway this is not the best possible choice.
  • Roadghog may overcome this hero from close distance because his hook takes Bastion out of the turret mode.
  • Winston can confront Bastion’s turret in close range only.
  • Zarya will have troubles taking down this hero.
  • Lucio is not effective
  • Mercy is not effective
  • Symmetra is a good choice because her orbs will be a problem for turret. Bastion will have to move or die.
  • Zenyata is also not the best pick.

As you see Bastion’s main weakness is that he can’t move while in Turret mode. He also can’t confront snipers in 1 vs 1 battles.

But more often the hero will be in a team. What do then? Well, you need a good AOE ultimate in order to make the group move. This will break Turret mode and you will have chance to take opponents down if your team is well coordinated.

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