Overwatch: How to Spray?

By: Admin

Many players don’t know that it’s possible to use special spray paints in Overwatch. Yes, you can paint your hero’s logo or other pre-set image on the wall or on another surface. All you need for this is to find a place where you wish the picture to appear and use one of the following buttons:

  • T keyword button on PC
  • Up on D-Pad

The image will appear and will stay there for some time.

Note: each hero can paint only one image on the whole map. If he places new spray somewhere else, previous will be deleted and this new will stay visible.

Selecting Image

Right now you can select only one image for painting. To do this go to the settings of your hero and choose the picture there.

Main MenuHero Gallery – Select a hero – Sprays – Select the image you wish to be used.

How to Spray?

This selected image will become your default and it will be used every time you click paint button.

Unlocking Sprays

When you start playing you don’t have access to all the mages. You have to unlock new if you wish to have more options. You can do this by:

  • Getting new Achievements. Some of them will reward you with new images.
  • Opening loot boxes and receiving them as a reward
  • Purchasing them for credits

Using Own Images

Many players ask about using their own pictures for custom sprays. Right now Overwatch doesn’t allow this. You can use only images created by game developers. Fortunately the number of available images is very high. You can unlock them in several different ways and you will most likely find the picture that will satisfy you.

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