Overwatch: How to Switch Hero?

By: Admin

Overwatch is balanced game. Every hero has weaknesses and strengths and can be countered effectively. The key to countering is switching heroes! This guide will explain how to do it. Unfortunately most of the players don’t use this opportunity and that’s why their teams can’t win.

What for?

When you start playing the game you pick a hero according to the needs of your team. For example if you see that your team has a tank but has few damage dealers you may go with damage dealer to help your allies. This is an obvious way of how you start. Imagine that you pick McCree.

But after the game begins and you meet enemy team you may decide that your choice is not very good. You see that enemy team has Bastion and Torbjorn. Your McCree can resist them but it’s not the best possible choice. Pharah with her rockets would be better… What to do?

Fortunately the game allows you to swap hero! You can change your McCree to Pharah and thus become more effective.


You can take new without serious penalties. When you change a hero the only important think to keep in mind is that your Ultimate counter will be refreshed. You will have to start filling Ultimate pool from scratch.

We recommend to empty Ultimate pool before you change. This will help your team.

How to swap?

When you are on your base you will see a popup notification: Press H to change your hero. You need to press H button and you will see special menu.

How to change hero?

You will see all your allies and all the heroes you can go with. Select what you want and you will be reborned.

When should you change?

The most important thing is to know when you need to swap. In general you need to observe how enemy team plays. You must think about what you can do to make the situation better.

For example you may see that enemy team has 2 heroes who play together and use synergies. These 2 players is a real pain. They coordinate their actions and stop your team. You may decide to select a hero that counters one of these two enemy players to weaken their team. This may help your team to start winning.  

Of course to make this decision you must know strengths and weaknesses of all the heroes in Overwatch. You must know the counter to every enemy. You must know the map and the advantages it gives.  

Remember, Overwatch is not a simple game. It is complicated. If you want just to play you may always select the same hero again and again. But if you want to be successful and beneficial you must know the heroes, you must know how to play with them and how to counter opponents. This is the key to success.

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