Overwatch: Loot Boxes

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Overwatch is a game where player can unlock a lot of different cosmetic stuff for his character. This stuff doesn’t affect strength. It just allows to give your hero more personality. There are several ways to get it: you can purchase it from in-game store, you can get it as reward for new achievements or you can find it in Loot Boxes.

Loot Box in Overwatch is a special crate that can be opened by a player. The main reason for getting these crates is that you can find a lot of cool stuff there:

  • Emotes
  • Skins
  • Victory poses
  • Voice lines
  • Sprays
  • Highlight reels
  • Icons for player
  • Credits (currency)

Loot Box


Every time you open a crate you get 4 random items from the above list. To open it go to main menu and click “Loot Box” option.


Different crates have different quality levels. The higher the quality is the higher the chances of getting better rewards are. There are different quality levels of the items you can receive: common, rare, epic, and legendary. The quality of rewards you get depend on RNG.

Note: the reward you receive depends on RNG and sometimes you will be getting the items you already own. When this happens the game will instantly turn this item into credits and you will get the currency. The amount of credits you earn in this case is equal to 1/5th of the item’s cost in game store.  

For example if you already own a skin (25 credits cost) and you get the same skin from the box you will be given 5 credits instead.

As you see the more items you have unlocked, the higher the chances of getting credits are. This mechanics allows to purchase what you need if you are not lucky enough.

Where to Get?

There are several ways of getting loot crates:

  • Playing the Game: you receive one box every time you level up.
  • Purchasing: you can purchase them for real money in game store. Different packs are available. You can buy 2, 5, 11, 24 or 50 boxes. The price varies depending on the package. The cheapest costs $1.99 while the most expensive is $39.99

The quality of items you get doesn’t depend on the package. You may buy 2 boxes and get the best rewards.

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