Overwatch: Soldier 76 Guide

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Soldier: 76 is one of the heroes in Overwatch. He is a military man with Pulse assault rifle. His attacking potential makes him good for offense but he also has abilities for healing allies. Thus his role is something between support and damage dealer.

Soldier 76 Guide

One of the advantages is that the hero is perfect for beginners. If you don’t want to spend time mastering new heroes and playstyles, choose Soldier: 76. He is one of the easiest heroes in the game to master. He doesn’t require any special skills from the player. If you like traditional shooters like Call of Duty you will have no troubles with this guy. His gameplay mechanics is straightforward: you run and shoot enemies with assault rifle, sometimes you fire rockets and heal allies with special Biotic Field. Very easy to play.

The easiness has its cons: the hero doesn’t have really unique abilities. Yes, he can fire rockets and sprint, but he doesn’t offer something unique.  He has average mobility and this is also serious disadvantage.

Soldier: 76 is great for getting familiar with the game, but due to his average potential he is not great for dominating solo. He relies on team and he is good when allies are not far.

  • Health: 200
  • Weapon: Pulse Rifle
  • Ammo: 25 bullets


Skill Description

Heavy Pulse Rifle


Heavy Pulse Rifle

Press LMB to attack enemy with Heavy Pulse Rifle. This is primary attack of the Hero.


  • Damage: 5-17 (Can deal Headshot damage)
  • Ammo: 25 bullets
  • Fire Rate: 10 rps
  • Reload: 1 second


There is one thing you should know: the longer you hold attack button the lower your accuracy becomes. When you release fire button accuracy recovers instantly. That’s why you should not hold attack button for long time when enemy stands far from you. It’s better to hold it just for 2-3 bullets and then release and repeat this. This will help to keep accuracy high.


The first bullet of the attack lands perfectly. That’s why clicking attack button is great if you wish to fire with perfect accuracy. Such tactics allows to counter snipe Widowmaker or Hanzo.

Helix Rockets


Helix Rockets

Press RMB to attack foe with multiple rockets. All of the rockets are considered as one projectile. They will explode once they touch any solid surface or foe.


  • Damage: 120 if landed directly, 76 from explosion near enemy
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds


If the rockets hit enemy directly damage is higher than damage from explosion near the target. There is one trick: if you play against enemy with high evasion fire rockets at his feet. This will provide you with higher chances of dealing damage.


You should keep in mind that the rockets can damage you if you use them at close range!!!





Hold Shift to increase movement speed. You can’t fire with primary weapon while sprinting. Sprint ends if you activate any skill, reactivate sprint or stop moving. This is a rather good skill for fast movements. It can be used in many different situations: for example for moving from cover to cover or for returning to the team after respawn.

Biotic Field


Biotic Field

When activated hero drops healing station that recovers health of Soldier 76 and his allies in small radius. This is Area of Effect ability.


  • Heals: 40 HP per second
  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds


As you see the ability is rather useful. It can recover up to 200 HP for affected hero in total.


Keep in mind that activating this ability will interrupt ammunition reloading. It’s recommended to use this skill before or after reloading.

Tactical Visor


Tactical Visor


This activates automatic aiming mode. For the duration hero receives special crosshair and automatically aims target which is closest to this crosshair. If the target dies all the fire instantly concentrates on the next target. Accuracy also increases giving you perfect opportunity to confront enemies with high evasion (Genji or Tracer). This skill is also great for attacking multiple enemies one by one very fast.


Don’t forget that Tactical Visor only allows to aim fast! It doesn’t increase damage you deal. You deal damage with your Pulse Rifle.


While this skill is active you can hit targets not only with bullets but also with Helix Rockets


Keep in mind: this ability always aims towards the body of the enemy! If you wish to land a headshot you should aim manually.


  • Though Soldier: 76 is not the best choice for playing solo, he can be very effective in a team. His assault rifle damage will help allies to destroy enemies and healing field will help to survive.
  • Use sprint every time you are out of combat. This ability doesn’t cost any resources but allows to increase movement speed. You can move faster and that’s great.
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