Overwatch: Wraith Form

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Wraith Form in Overwatch is one of Reaper’s active abilities. It is activated by pressing SHIFT key. When the ability is active hero transforms into shadow and becomes invulnerable to damage. Movement speed also increases. You can walk through enemies and allies without difficulties. The only minus of this skill is that you can’t attack and use any abilities while it’s active. Wraith Form also removes negative debuffs upon activation!

  • Duration of the effect is 3 seconds.
  • Cooldown is 10 seconds.

As you see cooldown is pretty lengthy. That’s why you should use the skill carefully.

Wraith Form

How to use?

This ability can help Reaper to escape from enemy because enemies can’t deal damage to the hero while he is in shadow form. Increased movement speed also plays very important role. The skill is your #1 helper when you are in trouble. It’s great not only for escaping but also for catching enemy.

Wraith Form is also helpful for attacking hostile defensive objects like turrets. Turret is protected with shield from the front but it has no shield at the back side. Reaper can use the skill to pass through the turret and destroy it from behind without dealing with shields.

There is one more thing you should keep in mind: when you are in Wraith Form enemies can still see you. You don’t become fully invisible! You just transform into a shadow but you stay visible. That’s very important to remember because enemies can react and prepare to attack you once your shadow effect ends.


Wraith Form works great with Death Blossom ultimate. Use it before death Blossom in order to get close to foes without losing health.

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