Patch 7.00 | Unlimited Stacking | HOW TO CRASH DOTA 2

By: BonelessDota

I can't believe we fucking crashed the game dude. How many stacks do you think we had? I think we had something like 50. You missed the fucking Trolls. You... you missed one again. You missed that little fucker again.

Yea I need a Dagon for that little fucker. How long did we do it the last game before it crashed on us? I think something like 17 minutes. Fucking Icefrog. Dota weren't this fragile the last time I did this. I mean, there must be a reason you can't Vacuum the fucking Ancients. That must be because of this isn't it? Exactly. Why else would they deliberately... OOOOOHHH NOOOO it fucking crashed again ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!?! God dammit!! (Giant sigh of annoyment) Well..

Third time is the charm. So how many stacks are we gonna get up here before the game crashed I wonder? We'll see. I forgot to fucking count dude. Did you? Yea I forgot. We had one job. I'm getting pretty good at this. Yea you did it like a million times already. 39... "You did it like a million times.

39..." How is that logic? 51. Oh we should kill em soon though. Yea they are only taking 1 damage. The creeps are only taking 1 damage from the Vacuum. You wanna stop there? Eeeeerhm. Do you think it's time? Oh yea yea yea yea I just had a major lag spike. Let's do it. One more stack.

Patch 7.00 | Unlimited Stacking | HOW TO CRASH DOTA 2

I believe. Okay are you ready? Yup. Go for it. WHAT?! Are they not even spreading out? WHAT THE FUCK?! What is going on man? Let's spread them out. Let's spread them out.

Waddafak!! Oh the game is crashing, the game is so close to crashing. Are you kidding me? God Daymn! Look at this guy. What the fuck is going on?! Yea try try try to to put them here but but only half of them. I'll take half of them here and see what happens. Shit I'm such an idiot. Yea try that again. It's a bit more... But they are taking some damage now.

I guess the aura is not that huge. Should I kill em now? Arh there we go. Now something is happening. HOOOOLY SHHHHHIET DUDE!!!! What the fuck..

Oh my God, that was so satisfying. Do you remember how much gold you got? Eeeeeh yea like 6000 actually. It feels like it was not as much as it was the first time.

Well you said you were doing this for 40 minutes man. Yea I was but it wasn't this fast but I definatelly had more creeps the last time I did this. Yea I don't think it's even close. I think we need to tell Icefrog to fix his game so we can do more stacks. Yup. This is unacceptable.

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