Гайд на Queen of Pain / Queen of Pain Guide

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Queen of Pain is a range character with 550 attack range. Her main attribute is intelligence. Movement speed – 295, initial damage – 53. Extremely small movement speed immediately draws our attention. But it is fully compensated by hero’s Blink ability. Basic characteristics: strength 16, agility 18, intelligence 24.

And 1 point of armor on the first level. Queen of Pain gets +1.70 of strength, +2.00 of agility and +2.50 of intelligence for each level. Queen of Pain has enough of agility for a hero with intelligence as the main attribute, and this potentially makes her not only a mage, but a fighter too. SKILLS First skill, Shadow Strike. QOP throws a poisoned dagger to an enemy and it periodically damages the target and slows it down for 15 seconds. Periodic damage hits every 3 seconds. Spell’s damage is magical. Second skill, Blink.

Teleports the hero to the range of 1300. This skill allows us either burst into the fight, or run away from it on time. Third skill, Scream of Pain. QOP emits a piercing scream, damaging all the enemies over the area of 475. Works with invisible targets as well. Spell’s damage is magical.

Ultimate, Sonic Wave. Makes a huge wave of sound in from of Queen of Pain. It causes huge amount of damage to all the enemies, who got inside it. Works with invisible targets and through the magic invulnerability as well. Spell’s damage is pure. Ultimate can be enhanced with Aghanim's Scepter. It will increase the damage and decrease cooldown for 95 seconds.

Гайд на Queen of Pain / Queen of Pain Guide

GAME ROLE In most cases Queen of Pain is used as a hero on the midline. Her characteristics and abilities are good enough to stay mid. Thanks to Shadow Strike she is quite good versus most of the heroes, thanks to Blink she can check the Runes safely.

Even on level 6 and without any items Queen of Pain is a very formidable ganger, which is important for the mid-hero. Sometimes QOP is used as carry or hardliner, but only in rare cases. QOP doesn’t have enough of armor for hardliner, therefore it will be very easy to kick her out from the line. She is not very reliable as a carry either, she is only good for early aggression tactics.

If you want to have a long farm while playing carry-QOP, and the enemy has a strong carry like Anti-Mage, you can be sure it will be very hard to win. And QOP is worthless support as well. Even though it might look like everything is fine - she's got Blink and some nukes, but in fact QOP can realize herself as a good character only when she has a great amount of items.

And if she will be on a support position, she will be very poor and not very useful. RELEVANCE Before picking Queen of Pain, let us define if we actually need her. QOP is a quite universal character, which is good enough in most of the game situations. She is especially good as a hero, who dominates her line versus weaker midders.

For example, QOP is very good versus Storm, Dragon Knight, Shadow Fiend or Pudge. She feels herself fine versus Lanaya as well, since Shadow Strike is very effective in removing Refraction. The less stuns and silences your enemy has, the more useful QOP becomes. In the same time, QOP’s life gets really hard, when there are a lot of stuns and silences. The ideal situation for QOP is when she can allow herself not buying Black King Bar at all.

Or at least buy it as a third or fourth item. If a lot of enemy’s control force QOP buying BKB too early, it hits hero’s efficiency very hard. It is very important for QOP that there are tanks, who are ably to start the fight, among her allies. The examples are Clockwerk, Centaur, Tuskarr or Axe. Another good bonus is when there is someone, who can save QOP from dangerous situations, among supports. Examples: Dazzle, Omniknight, Shadow Demon or Abaddon. QOP is good in mid-game oriented games.

I mean the games, when you are not trying to protract with the game end, but in the same time you are not going to push. QOP is not very useful for pushing, since she is weak in the beginning. And the situation is almost the same in late-game. In this case she can only be useful if she’s got huge amount of items. And sometimes we can’t buy all of it. The game with QOP in it should be built the way to finish it on 30th-40th minute.

LEVELING SKILLS UP Usually QOP is leveled up like this. On the first level you take Shadow Strike, Blink after it, then Shadow Strike once again, and after this you should level Scream of Pain up to its maximum. On the sixth level don’t forget about Ultimate. After this Blink and Shadow Strike.

PURCHASE It’s time to buy some items. First of all we buy Null Talisman and three sprigs. But some of your allies should surely share couple of Tangos with you. The first item for us to farm is Bottle. Boots are next. QOP is a very contact hero – she gangs a lot and she is often at the forefront. Therefore, before you start farming some major artifacts, I recommend you inforce yourself with buying Power Treads and Magic Wand. Almost all the time the first serious item is Aghanim's Scepter, because it incredibly enforces QOP’s Ultimate.

Orchid might be another option. Orchid is necessary if on early stages of the game you need to shut some character’s silences down. For example, if you want to hunt down enemy carry or some hero like Dazzle is annoying you. After that we’ve got a choice. If the enemy has a lot of disables, stuns and silences, we’ll have to buy BKB. Otherwise we won’t be able to get into the fight. Cases when QOP doesn’t need BKB are very rare.

In this situation buy Hex straight away. In some situations you might also buy Eul. You sould do it if the enemy has only one silence. It can be especially effective versus Silencer and his Global. Now let’s pick what is better for us. There is an option, when we become an additional damager in our team. In this case we buy Cuirass and Daedalus.

Our final set will look like this: Power Treads, BKB, Aghanim's, Hex, Cuirass and Daedalus. Or probably you can take MKB instead of Deadalus. You should do it in case the enemy has a lot of dodging heroes.

There is another option, when we are support-caster – in this case we should pick Shiva's Guard and Refresher. The final set will look like this: Power Treads, BKB, Aghanim's, Hex, Shiva's and Refresher. Both sets are good in its own way. Cuirass and Daedalus are good if there is a lack of physical damage in our team or if our carry is a melee hero and plays the role of tank.

Someone like Bristleback or Wraith King, for example. Shiva's and Refresher are good if everything is fine with physical damage and it will be better to have fast procast and two Hexes. In some situations QOP can buy Linken’s Sphere instead of Shiva's or Cuirass. You should do it in case the enemy has some powerful skills that work through BKB. Like Doom, Beastmaster’s Ultimate, Bane’s Ultimate or Winter Wyvern’s Ultimate. In very rare cases you can buy Force Staff as well. Usually it is good versus Rikimaru and his cloud. ACTIONS DURING THE GAME In the beginning we should try to work on mid as good, as we can.

Use Shadow Strikes, deny creeps, be sure to check the Runes. QOP is the best hero in Dota to do it thanks to Blink. Don’t force the events and don’t be too aggressive.

QOP is strong on an open area, but because of little armor she’s not the best character for fighting next to the tower. It’s almost impossible to gang over QOP – only if you’ll let someone to do it. Try not leaving mid before 6th-7th level. And after this don’t run around too much either.

Get yourself teleportation scroll and be ready to teleport on any line, where you’ll be able to make some frags and help your team. It is much better when someone comes to gang Queen of Pain, then she is going to gang somewhere. The thing is that QOP doesn’t have a lot of hitpoints, and before you’ll buy several items she is extremely vulnerable in a fight. After you bought Power Treads, Magic Wand and Coin booster, you can join your team more often.

But try to be careful. Any death will throw us back in farming. And it is very important for QOP to buy Aghanim's quickly. After you bought Aghanim's, you can join your team even more often. 40 seconds cooldown allows you to use Ultimate in any battle.

But still try to be careful until you’ll buy BKB. After you bought BKB, QOP becomes formidable enemy and should become much more aggressive. However, after breaking into crowd and procast, it will be better for Queen of Pain to change the position. Even with BKB she is still very vulnerable for physical damage. After you bought Hex QOP becomes even more formidable enemy. In most of the time she will only need one partner to kill any hero with Hex.

Combing Blink and Hex QOP is very effective in starting the fights. You won’t see Queen of Pain with six slots filled every day, but if it happens, she becomes one of the most dangerous heroes. Thanks to her mobility, she can always change her position in a fight. And this is one of the best abilities for heroes during late-game. She is especially dangerous for enemy supports – almost nothing can save them from her. Neither BKB, nor Ghost or Glimmer Cape can save one from QOP’s Ultimate.

COMBINATIONS WITH HEROES Best allies for QOP are supports, who can save her in case of trouble. Examples: Abaddon, Omniknight, Dazzle, Shadow Demon. And good tanks, who are able to start the fight. Like Tidehunter, Clockwerk, Shaker or Magnus. Worst enemies for QOP are the heroes with silences. Death Prophet, Night Stalker, Disruptor, Skywrath Mage, Silencer and Doom. And the heroes with point stuns, that hits through BKB.

Ones like Beastmaster, Wyvern, Bane, Batrider and Legion Commander. All of heroes with instant stuns or Hexes are very unpleasant. Especially Lion, Shadow Shaman and Rubick. QOP can also suffer from a hero, who is better than her in 1v1 mid. It’s Lina, Leshrac, Viper, Warlock, Windranger and Obsidian Devourer. QOP is the best versus Storm, Dragon Knight, SF and Pudge in the mid. And weak enemy carries. Like Rikimaru, Drow Ranger, Luna, Gyrocopter, Weaver and ones like that.

QOP also shows herself good versus all the illusionists. Several good picks with Queen of Pain. Queen of Pain, Tuskarr, Witch Doctor, Wraith King, Dazzle.

Queen of Pain, Clockwerk, Shadow Demon, Lina, Anti-Mage. Queen of Pain, Centaur, Maiden, Sand King, Bloodseeker. TRICKS AND FEATURES It is possible to hide from Shadow Strike, when one becomes invisible. Templar Assassin often uses it while playing 1v1 mid versus Queen of Pain. Place Sentry Ward in the mid to prevent him living in peace. Queen of Pain can save herself from getting damage from Bloodseeker’s Ultimate while she is using Blink. She has to start moving anywhere right after Blink.

Scream of Pain and Sonic Wave effect invisible targets. And if you’ll use Scream of Pain, you can determine where your invisible enemy moves. Queen of Pain’s Shadow Strike can deny your enemy as a creep, so you won’t get money and experience from that kill. Always remember about it and control your enemy’s death. SUMMARY Queen of Pain is one of the most strong and dangerous enemies in the middle of the game. But she is weak in the beginning and loses a lot of her usefulness closer to late-game. Try to use Queen of Pain’s strong sides in the right time, and you will never be defeated! Good luck and have a good game!.

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