Quicktime Minecraft Walkthrough Directions

By: Sam Patterson Ed.D.

To finish off our Minecraft making, today we are going to create a sharable Walkthrough video You are going to do that using QuickTime on your computers and I am going to show you how. Right Now. So, I am going to go to my search function and I am going to look for QuickTime. *clicks* Open up QuickTime Player, I am going to go to FILE NEW SCREEN RECORDING This will show up, if I click this drop down window, this drop down right here, it will let me choose Make sure we have got the microphone selected, we should be able to see The bouncing audio level right right and we click record.

It says "Click to record full screen, drag to record part of the screen. End recording by clicking the STOP button in the MENU bar. So if your Minecraft was open just in a small part of the screen you could click (and drag) to record that part of the screen Hit "START RECORDING" it will begin recording. At the end of recording, you are going to come up here to the menu bar. and you are going to click that "STOP RECORDING" button. it will then open this up and you will be able to play *recorded* Your recording you will then come up here to the me- and you will see that it worked.

You want to give this a name including Save and then we are going to export this to the desktop. We are going to give it a name with your group members' names and maybe "Minecraft Village" Minecraft Walkthrough? and you are going to click"Save." Once you save that to your local desktop, I am going to have a Google Classroom spot for you to upload that to. Thanks so much and good luck, if you need a refresher, watch it again.

Quicktime Minecraft Walkthrough Directions

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