Skyrim Guide: How To Create The Best Armor & Weapons - Post 1.9 - No Glitch

By: Atalia

Hey everyone and welcome to this guide about how to get the maximum possible armor and weapon stats in Skyrim using smithing, alchemy and enchanting. This guide doesn't use any glitch at all, altough I can't use any glitch in my current version, they are simply all fixed, I have the latests version of the game and I also have all the unofficial patch fixes. Having the Dragonborn DLC is recommended but not absolutely needed for this guide, you will figure out why later. So, if you've done everything well, at the end of the process you should get the stats shown on the screen, keep in mind that this character have all the one handed, heavy armor and light armor perks used, so those numbers should look like this for you if you've done so. Ok, so I'm gonna show you all the needed stuff to have maxed out gear, some of those are really needed, others are essential and others are optional, just keep in mind that if you get all the required stuff, including the optional ones, you will have a gear looking exactly as in the picture shown earlier The first thing you want is the Black Book The Sallow Regent, you can find a link to this item's Wiki page in the description, you're gonna need to pick the Seeker of Sorcery power in this book, this power gives a 10% increase for all your Enchantements. This book can only be obtained if you have Dragonborn installed, if you don't have Dragonborn or for some reason you can't get the book, don't panick you can still do the rest of the process just keep in mind that the final smithing potion will give 139% increase for smithing instead of 149%, this will of course make your gear weaker. The second things you need, and those are essentials, are Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Smithing enchantements, you can follow the link in the description to the Wiki page of each enchantement to know where to get them in case you don't already have them. The third thing you need is 5 items of each of those types : Head, Torso, Gloves, Rings and Necklaces, so basically you're gonna need to get 5 head items, 5 torsos, 5 gloves, 5 rings and 5 necklaces, the type of those items really doesn't matter, you can choose clothing or daedric or iron gear, this really doesn't matter, what matters is that they must not have any enchantement on them. However, 5 of each type is required, but if you can I really advice you to get 10 of each type, this will make you more confortable and you will not need to worry about screwin', you will figure out what I'm talking about later. The next thing you need is level 100 in each of Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing skills and some perks being active on each of them. For Alchemy you need the perk Alchemist 5/5, Physician and Benefactor , you can get the remaining perks but those are not needed.

For Enchanting you need Enchanter 5/5, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter and Extra Effects. For Smithing you need Daedric Smithing and Dracon Armor, the Daedric armors are the most powerful armors in the game and the Dragonbone weapons are the most powerful weapons in the game. You're also gonna need about 20 Grand soul gems or Black Soul gems filled with Grand souls, again, get as much soul gems as you can since they will be very useful. And finally you're gonna need 20 units of 2 of those ingredients in each Potion effect, so basically you're gonna need to pickup 2 ingredients for the Fortify Enchantement potion and 2 ingredients for the Fortify Smithing potion and get 20 of them.

You can find the list of those ingredients follown with their Wiki page link in the description to know where to get them. However again, 20 is the minimum needed, I advice you to get more of those, the more you will have the less you will have to worry about screwin' things up. Once you've got every required items and perks, you can now start the process, I advice you to put anything you got on you in a container or a chest, don't keep useless things in your inventory you could easily mix items between them. For the purpose of this video I use a Mod called SkyUI, this mod is really useful and as you can see you can have all the details of each item easily, this will highly facilitate the procedure so I advice you to install it too, you can find the link to this mod in the description. So let's get started, first go to an Alchemy table, and combine two of the Fortify Enchanting ingredients to create 5 15% Fortify Enchanting potions Once you're done go to an Enchanting table, drink the potion (Keep in mind that the potion works only for 30 seconds so you're gonna need to be quick), and enchant a head, a pair of gloves, a ring and a collar with Fortify alchemy, I recommend saving before each enchantement because if the potion effect stopped before you finished enchanting you will not have the maximum effect needed on the item. However you can enchant items one by one by drinking a potion between each enchant, this is why I told you to get as much ingredients as possible earlier. Once you're done, you should have four items giving you 31% better Alchemy potions, wear those items, go to the Alchemy table, and repeat this process 2 other times by drinking always the most powerful enchanting potion between each enchantement and putting always the most powerful alchemy gear between each potion creation. Your can stop right after you created 5 37% better enchanting potions, 37% better enchanting potions are the best possible enchanting potions you can get in the game. If you've done everything well, you should have 5 37% better enchanting potions.

From now, go to your enchanting table a last time, drink a 37% fortify enchanting potion and enchant : - A head item with Fortify alchemy and rename it to something like Alchemy. - A Torso item with Fortify Smithing and rename it to something like Smithing - A pair of gloves with Fortify Smithing and Fortify Alchemy and rename it to something like Smithing - Alchemy - A ring with Fortify Smithing and Fortify Alchemy and rename it to something like Smithing - Alchemy - A collar with Fortify Smithing and Fortify Alchemy and rename it to something like Smithing - Alchemy Wear all of those items and create Fortify Smithing potions using the smithing ingredients, if you've done everything well those potions should give you 149% Fortify smithing effect, if you haven't took the Seeker of Sorcery power in the Black Book for some reason, you should now have 139% Fortify smithing effect potions, if you have anything else than those numbers you should probably have done something wrong, go back to the beginning of this video and check all the required stuff one by one or see if you haven't missed any enchanting by taking more than 30 seconds to enchant something Now that you have the best crafting gear and the best smithing potion, you can go ahead and create a full daedric armor and the Dragonscale weapons of your choice, keep in mind that crafting the armor and the weapons doesn't require any Fortify enchanting gear or potion, but improving them in Grindstones or Workbenches does, so before improving your armor or weapon wear the 4 Fortify Smithing items previously enchanted and drink a 149% Fortify Smithing potion. Once you've crafted the best armor and weapon in the game go ahead and enchant them using your 37% Fortify Enchanting potions, you can choose any Enchant you want, I personnaly play a dual wielding warrior so I have put Fortify One handed and Fortify Heavy armor wherever I could, if you also play that class you can take those enchants as a reference since they grant the most powerful damage increase possible. You now have the best possible armor and weapons in Skyrim, remember to go back in the Sallow Regent Black Book and take the Seeker of Might power once you've finished enchanting your gear, this power gives 10% effectivness to all the combat skills, this have for effect to increase your weapons damage. This guide is now finished I hope you enjoyed seeing this video, remember to like if you liked the video and to subscribe to my channel, this is my first Skyrim video if this video gets enough success I will definetly do more Skyrim guides and tutorials in the future. Thanks for watching and see you soon.

Skyrim Guide: How To Create The Best Armor & Weapons - Post 1.9 - No Glitch

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