Skyrim - How to Get a House in Riften

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Hi guys in this video I'm going to show you how you can get this house in Riften. So to begin with, you want to make your way to Riften. When you get there you just need to be outside of the town where the fishing dock is, look for a building called Riften Fishery. It can be found here on the map... An Argonian woman by the name of Wujeeta should be inside. If she isn't then just have a look around the dock. Once you find her, talk to her and she'll tell you about her skooma addiction.

She'll ask you to give her a healing potion to get her life back on track. If you don't have one, you'll need to go and buy one. After the conversation ends a quest will begin to identify Riftens skooma dealer. You'll need to speak to her again and she'll give you information regarding the dealer. This information will then need to be reported to the Jarl, the Jarl will give you two quests and once completed you may have the option of buying a house. If you don't, you'll need to help some of the citizens in Riften. All of the different quests that you can undertake can be found from the link in the description.

When you've completed enough of them an indication will automatically appear prompting you to go and see the Jarl once again. The next lot of footage will be sped up gameplay of the two quests that need to be completed for the Jarl. If you wish to skip this gameplay then go to 6:15 seconds. So, as I mentioned earlier, after completing both quest for the Jarl she may announce you as Thane of Riften, but if she doesn't then it's because you haven't completed enough missions for the citizens in Riften.

Check the link in the description to see all the different types of quests you can complete. Eventually you will get the notification to visit the Jarl, which will then grant you the title as well as the house. In this circumstance I hadn't completed enough missions for the citizens of Riften and so wasn't giving anything. After completing enough missions I received notification and then headed back to the Jarl. The house and all furnishings will cost 12,300 gold if you choose to purchase them After purchasing the house don't forget to talk to the Jarl to claim the title of Thane of Riften. The house can be found here and this is what it looks like inside... This is the view you get from the balcony at night... and at day..

Skyrim - How to Get a House in Riften

And finally this is what the garden looks like. If this video helped you in anyway please leave a like and subscribe for some more content.

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