Skyrim - How to get into Blackreach (FASTER WAY - GLITCH)

By: BabiNugget

Hi guys, in this video I’m going to show you a much faster way of getting to Blackreach in Skyrim. So, to start off with you’re going to want to pick up some platters, plates and bowls from Dragonsreach in Whiterun. We’re going to perform the wall glitch technique, so pick up your favourite crockery. I seem to be more successful with platters, so that’s what I’ll choosing. We are now going to want to travel to a location that is closest to the Tower of Mzark. The Tower of Mzark can be found here, so just find the location that’s closest to it and fast travel there and walk over.

When you arrive you’ll notice a big golden gate with no way of opening it. This is where the previous step comes into play. Head into your inventory and drop your preferred object on the ground. You now want to make sure that Whirlwind sprint is activated in your Magic tab. Once that is done, look directly at your plate, bowl or platter and hold the button to pick it up.

After holding the button, release it and when you move your cursor around, it should move around with you. Place the crockery against the golden gate in front of you and attempt Whirlwind sprint through it. This may take a couple of tries, but eventually with a bit of luck you’ll get through. When you’re on the other side pull the lever on the wall and then head down the lift. Now all you have to do is just keep following where I go and you’ll eventually end up at another lift which will take you into Blackreach. If this video was helpful in anyway then leave a like and subscribe for some more content! Thanks for watching!.

Skyrim - How to get into Blackreach (FASTER WAY - GLITCH)

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