Skyrim - Master Restoration Guide

By: William Strife

No fantasy game would be complete without spells and incantations for the player wield. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is no exception, and it has a list of magics and spells with various types of uses, including one of the basics, healing spells. The school of restoration is the only one that will always appeal to each play style no matter what. After all healing and staying alive is the first, and most important thing everyone does during combat. As you heal, shield, and repel undead though you'll need to upgrade your spells, and likely be interested in finding the best restoration magic in the game.

A word of warning though, the best restoration spells, as odd as it may seem, have next to nothing to do with healing. Like the other four schools of magic, you must complete a special quest to unlock the master restoration spells. To start the Restoration Ritual Spell quest you first need a restoration skill of at least ninety. Obviously reaching this level of proficiency can take some time, but once you do so you need to head to the college of Winterhold. Once there you need to find and speak with Colette Marence about learning more about restoration. After talking to her she will redirect you to the Auger of Dunlain who resides in the Midden beneath the college. Before you can do this though there's a catch.

You have to have completed the mages guild quest "Good Intentions", which has you summoning the Auger for different purposes. It's impossible to talk to him otherwise, and even then it's possible that you may not beable to speak with him again until after you complete the college quests. Anyways once you Speak with the Auger of Dunlain he will tell you to step into the light for a test. When you do so all of your equipment will be removed, and you will be attacked by three ghosts. You can't attack or fight back, because the purpose of this test is simply to survive using restoration spells. You can heal, repel the undead, or use wards to keep yourself alive while the test proceeds. It's also possible to use the become ethereal shout to get through much of the trial as well. No matter how you go about staying alive, once the test is complete you'll get all of your items back, and the Drauger will also give you the Master Restoration spell "Bane of the Undead". In addition, if you return to Colette Marence she will now sell the other Master Restoration Spell, Guardian Circle. There is a tiny bug worth mentioning though. Occasionally Colette will not sell the Guardian Circle spell.

In order to fix this Speak with the auger again and when he begins saying "you are worthy" start clicking him over and over to skip the dialogue. It's not clear why, but doing this will usually get the spell to appear in Colett's inventory. Restoration magic is a bit short on master spells with only two available, but that doens't mean they're short on power. If you still need convincing, then listen to what the master spells do. The first is Bane of the undead, which is the most powerful spell that forces undead enemies to flee. However, this spell has a host of additional effects. All undead up to level thirty will flee for thirty seconds when hit with this spell, but they will also be staggered, and set on fire. Pretty powerful compared to the preceding similar spells right? The second spell is Guardian Circle. Similar to the circle of Protection spell, the guardian circle is much more powerful. After being placed on the ground it lasts for sixty seconds.

Skyrim - Master Restoration Guide

Any undead up to level thirty-five that enters it will flee, and as long as you stay within it's confines, you will recover twenty points of health every second. No matter the class you play, or the techniques you use restoration magic will always be useful. Even though the Mater spells for restoration lave limited use for some types of play styles, they're still valuable and powerful. No matter if the top tier of this magic school interests you or not, thanks for watching. I'm William Strife and this has been a video from Visage guides, with Effects by Kerosene Dreams.

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