★ SKYRIM Secret Room "Best Weapons" "Best Armor" Walkthrough Tutorial The Elder Scrolls V (PC)

By: GibsonGaming

Weld hey guys this is gibson over at TGN.TV and I'm here to bring you a short little video on a little secret room that everyone needs to know about if they like to mess with the console commands and see all the items in the game you can possibly get and not have to mess around with the item lists and all the different codes what you need to do is bring up your console by pressing the tidle (~) key next to the number one on the keyboard and all's you have to type is coc then space q a s m o k e ok, so you're typing coc qua smoke and then you press enter and you end up in a secret mom and in this secret room what you have here is a bunch chests and each chest has every item possibly in this game all the staves, all the soul gems all the enchanted weapons standard weapons all types of ammo potions, scrolls, ingredients even have enchanting tables. this is sort of like a test room for people that do mods and things like that but if you're not doing that type of thing you can still come in this room as you can see I have some items on the ground here I have already been in here so let's look in all clothing and jewelry it shows you every single item and you can take it out of the chest and equip it and wear it then go out back out into the world then yeah test it out if you like to a you know if you played through the game you know you don't really wanna play through again you just want your items to go mess around you don't want to have to look at the list and type 0000 eight times you know 9 F 3 and all that stuff you can just come in this room get what you need and leave. I thought it was a cool little secret room that I wanted to let everyone know about. it's pretty cool.

let's take a look at all the weapons here it's I think we have the skill books clothing, jewelery, and stuff like that on this wall, and then the weapons things are on this wall, staves, soul gems enchanted weapons standard weapons ahh, let's see here.. let's go with the top value item I'm using SkyUI by the way, it's a mod you can get over on the Steam Workshop or at Nexus.com let's see here Dedric Warhammers and the Nightingale Bow I mean it has all the weapons everything you could possibly think of in this game. this it's so easy to access get to, and try out these weapons and armor and if you look at my character now I put a full Steel Plate armor set on him. and I got, what's the name of this shield here, uhm, the spellbreaker shield, that's right. it's like the best shield in the game. While blocking creates a ward that protects against spells for up to 50 points so every time you every time you block with it puts like this ward up kinda like a mages ward. and it blocks 50 points of damage.

and I'm also using i believe this is the uhhh.. dawn dawnbreaker, uhh sword here. which is a pretty awesome, awesome uhh weapon here and I'm gonna be putting up video about how to get these weapons and this this sword and the shield. so be looking for that those videos too and that's all you have to do, just remember to type.

coc (typing) coc (typing) q a then s m o k e and it will bring you right to this room and you can test out all the weapons and everything. and you can test out your you know you could level your weapons and enchanting in here and everything like that. it has all the crafting equipment in here. And then to get out all's you have to do is.. you know type coc again and let's say whiterun let's go back to whiterun but it doesn't bring me back to whiterun, it brings me back to where I was before I went in there. which is quite nice because you can just go in and out there get what you want and have fun with it and there's my companion with the giants club there.

★ SKYRIM Secret Room

as you can see in my other video that I released yesterday so ya, just remember COC QASMOKE and you'll get yourself into that secret room. and you can have fun, more fun in Skyrim. so I'll be releasing some more videos guys so don't forget to subscribe, follow, and favorite.

and don't forget to look at my favorite channels and visit the TGN.TV channel I'll see you guys later in the next video.

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