Skyrim Special Edition - How to Duplicate Any Item (FASTER METHOD)

By: BabiNugget

Hi guys in this video I'm going to show you a much faster version of the duplication glitch in Skyrim Special Edition. In order to do this duplication glitch you need a companion. The companion that I've got is found in Whiteun. If you don't already have a companion just follow where I go, which will take you into the Bannered Mare. So this companion here in the Bannered Mare is called Uthgerd The Unbroken, she's female and she'll give you 100 gold for beating her in a fistfight.

She's pretty easy to defeat but if you are struggling then you can lower the level. So once you've beaten her, you can head straight out of the Bannered Mare and towards the front of the Whiterun gates, this is where the glitch will begin. Okay guys, when you get here and your follow gets here. The reason I'm here is because it's quite close to the Whiterun gates and you actually need to head out of the Whiterun gates and head back in and it's just quite convenient being here. So you can go anywhere in Whiterun just to let you know, it doesn't just work here. So yeah, the first thing you want to do is go into your inventory and select anything that you want to duplicate, so say here like I have 23 potions of minor healing. If I wanted to do duplicate 23 of these potions I'd have to drop them one by one, so using the L1 button on PS4, I'm not quite sure what it is for Xbox sorry, but yeah.

You want to press the L1 button so it goes down to one, you can only drop one at a time, okay so if you dropped all 23 it wouldn't work. You have to drop each one, one by one. I know it's quite long. So I did have 23 potions okay.

And by the way this is the first method which is kind of slower, but I wanna show you the second method afterwards to show you a quicker version of this. So there we go I've dropped 23 potions ok, so I want my follower. Click on my follower. Which one is it... I think is it I need you to do something? Yeah, that's it I need you to do something then tell her to pick up all of these potions, it might take some time. I think this might be the last one. There's one here, there's one there. So I have picked up, I believe I've picked up all potions now.

Skyrim Special Edition - How to Duplicate Any Item (FASTER METHOD)

So once your companions picked up all of your items that you want duplicated, head straight out of Whiterun. I won't edit this footage, I'll leave it running because I don't want to edit it because you may think that this glitch isn't a glitch and it's just like me editing footage but it is genuinely a glitch, it works as of the upload date of this video. So you want to turn back Why is she here? You can tell her to wait in Whiterun it doesn't really matter, but I forgot to tell her to wait it doesn't matter if she comes with you... I don't think, If it does then I may have to start again.

But yeah we'll see now. Ok, ok so we're back. It doesn't make a difference. So let's see I had 23 ok, so lets see how many I pick up here. It works, it duplicates like ninety percent I'd say of the items that you drop so... 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 I can't even see 17 18 so we gotta bout 18, oh no 19. That's pretty good actually, I'm quite chuffed with 19.

So I did drop 23, I only got 19 back but if you have a look here, you click on your companion i need to trade some things with you. Now, see she has 21 potions here in her inventory, I can take all 21. Now if I come to my inventory I now how 40 so I was on 23, I've gone up 17 right there. So ye.

That's that, so now i'm going to show you the second version of this. You wanna go into your inventory, I'm not gonna use potions of minor healing for this, I'll use shall I use a weapon? Have I got... hmm Let's say I wanted to duplicate these rings then ok. They're gonna be quite hard to find actually. Ok anyway, so drop one at a time.

Yeah. Okay they're right there. Ok, so you want..

No, it's mine. It's a duplication glitch, I can give you some after. Right, get... No, not I need to trade some things with you sorry. Oh.

I need you to do something. So right, you tell her to pick up these rings. So this is the second version now. Where's the other rings? He didn't snatch it did he? Da fuck, where are the rings, There's one, there's two, there we go. Ok, so there's the rings I picked up. You now wanna take them offer her again, so I need to trade some things with you. So I'm gonna take these rings back off her again.

So she now has no rings again and now I'm gonna to drop them again. So there's the rings again. Ask her to do something. I need you to do something.

Where are the rings, there they are. One, two, three, four. I'm gonna take them off her one more time. I need to trade some things with you. So I'm gonna take these rings off her one more time, drop them on the floor, one more time. So what this does is, it duplicates them like three times since I've done it three times. It's a much faster way. I need to trade some things, no I don't need to trade some things with you.

I need you to do something. So yeah, we should expect like, like maybe 12 rings and that might include the ones in her inventory as well. So we'll see now ok. So there might be like 12 on the floor and maybe like four in her inventory, we'll see, we'll find out. So head out of Skyrim, head out of Whiterun rather, head into Skyrim and I won't edit this footage this will be running the whole time.

So yeah this can work at level by the way just to let you know. I am level eleven, but it doesn't matter. So head back into Whiterun. I'm loving the loading like time with the Skyrim Special Edition. It's really quick compared with like what I used to play on PS3, like it's much faster. Now that was pretty quick. So lets check. So if you notice, there's loads of rings on the floor, on the ground.

Let's see how many... 123456789 10 11 12. So I did it three times And that is correct yeah, I had 12 rings on the floor. That worked 100%. That duplicated 100%. That's pretty good. Rings seem to work quite nicely then. So let me just check her inventory as well..

I need to trade some things with you. And indeed she does have four rings. So if I check my inventory now. See I have now 16 rings. Ye so this duplicated 100% of the items that I dropped on the ground.

So yeah guys this works with absolutely any item that you want to do duplicate. Obviously this doesn't work with gold unfortunately, because gold can't be dropped, I don't think anyway... no see the gold doesn't pop up in your inventory. You can't drop it and it doesn't work if you put in a barrel either I've tried that. But that would have been awesome.

But anyway you can just duplicate these items and sell them to vendors for like loads. So you can duplicate garnets, diamonds, flawless diamonds. Just sell them. You can duplicate deadric hearts as well if want to make some deadric armour. Weapons work, armour works, everything works, just not gold that's all. So yeah guys if you did enjoy the video please leave a like and subscribe for some more content. Thank you.

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