Skyrim Special Edition - Smithing to 100 FAST

By: BabiNugget

Hi guys in this video I'm going to show you how to level up your smithing really fast in Skyrim Remastered. Ok guys, so you want to be in Whiterun for this and you're gonna want to follow my exact route that I take. Okay guys so we're nearly there you can walk over this gap in the floor here don't worry you won't fall through it it's like an invisible barrier you can walk over it. You then pass through an invisible rock and here is the chest. This is your Eorland Grey-Mane's chest and he's the blacksmith at the Skyforge above you. All of his items will be in this chest and you can get them for free. They restock every 48 hours, however you will need to talk to him and see what he has for sale in order for his items to restock in the chest.

This is really good for smithing because you can collect an absolute tonne of materials that are used in smithing like iron ores, iron ingots, leather, leather strips and any other ingot you can think of. Obviously the higher the level you are, the better stuff you're gonna get in Eorland Grey-Mane's chest, but to level up your smithing at the start and if you're a lower level, iron ores iron ingots leather and leather strips are really helpful, because you can create iron daggers. Iron daggers don't require a lot of materials to use and they're quite time-efficient to create, so yeah once you're finished collecting all the resources from your Eorland Grey-Mane's chest you just need to go to a smithing station and start creating some Iron daggers to level up your smithing level What sometimes happens is that Eorland Grey-Mane isn't at the grindstone and the only way to access his dialogue is when he's at the grind stone. He's sometimes at the forge, if he is at the forge you just need to wait an hour if If he still doesn't appear at the grindstone after an hour than wait another hour. It's also worth noting that Eorland Grey-Mane won't be anywhere at Skyforge if it's obviously in the middle of the night, he only comes around seven in the morning, so bare that in mind.

So when you're finished with Eorland and his chest, this is the route to get out. You just want to walk right through the steps here by the companions and then you can just head over to the forge to start smithing. So here you can start creating some iron daggers to level up your smithing level. So guys I've only done this once, I was level 20 when I started so I've leveled up seven times in my smithing. So this is really good, if you were to do this about 10 times you'd easily surpass level 50. So yeah guys, if you enjoyed the video please leave a like and subscribe for some more content.

Skyrim Special Edition - Smithing to 100 FAST

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