Skyrim - Standing Stones Guide

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Hello everyone. Jake's here, RPGs Solution chanel. And welcome to my tutorial about Standing Stones in Skyrim. To get to the first three Stones you just need to go down the road from Helgen to Riverwood.

And here we are - The Guardian Stones. As you see, they are placed between Helgen and Riverwood. The first is the Thief Stone. Blessing of this Stone makes you learn stealth skills and archery 20% faster.

This is the Mage Stone. It makes you learn magic skills and also enchanting 20% faster. And this is the Warrior Stone. It makes you learn combat skills and smithing 20% faster. Next Stone is Lady Stone.

I will speed up the road to this one. We can see a bandit camp on the left. Now, the first enemy in Skyrim. For me. Okay, and we go down the road and now across the lake. And we can see the Stone right now.

Skyrim - Standing Stones Guide

And this is Lady Stone. This Stone is placed on a small island on the left from Guardian Stones. You can get to it by swimming across the lake, or just going down this road. Just like me. Blessing of this Stone causes health and stamina regeneration rates to increase by 25%.

Now we are in Markath and we'll go to Lover Stone. I will speed up the road. We are going across this mountains, just like me. And here we are.

The Lover Stone is placed next to Salvius farm and Markarth. Blessing of this Stone causes gaining 15% more experience gaind with all skills. We are on the road between Dragon Bridge and Solitude and we'll get to the Steed Stone. I will speed up it.

And we can see a track now. I will explain how it works, but first... Steed Stone is placed in mountains in the north from Dragon Bridge, and this is the road to it. The Steed Stone gives you 100 extra carrying capacity and no movement penalty is received by armor.

Armor also has zero weight when equipped. We are now in Morthal and I will show you Apprentice Stone. We turn right and go through swamp. And we can see it now. Here it is - Apprentice Stone.

It is placed in the west from Morthal. This Stone regenerates magicka at a 100% increased rate, at the cost of taking twice as much magic damage. I'm on the road between Dawnstar and Whiterun right now, and to get to the Lord Stone I need to climb up onto this mountain. There's a bandit camp beneath the Stone, but it's empty right now. Okay, the Stone is placed on the top of the mountain. Bandits showned up, but I will take care of them.

Okay, it's done. The Lord Stone provides 50 additional points of damage resistance and 25% magic resistance. I'm in Winterhold rght now, and on the only street here we need to turn right. The road is quite long and we will meet some monsters for sure.

Yeah, Frost Troll. Okay, it's done, now the second one. Okay, it's done too, let's move on. And there is a Snow Bear.

Yeah, it's done, let's move. Ice Wraiths. Nice critical shot. Now we have to climb up on this glacier. And we are almost there.

Okay, and here it is - The Tower Stone. The Tower Stone is placed on the glacier in the west from Winterhold and that's the road to it. This Stone enables to automatically open expert or lower level locks once a day. Once again Winterhold, but this time we need to turn left.

You can sometimes meet a Sabre Cat or something like this in this place, just like me. And now, we movin' on. That wreck was a bandit camp, but it wasn't a problem. Now we need to climb up onto this glacier on the right. And here we are. Ice Wraiths are sometimes spending here their time.

Okay, The Serpent Stone is in the east of Winterhold and we can get to it by going next to wreck of Pride of Tel Vos. The Serpent Stone grants ability to use a range paralysis poison on opponents once a day. This poison paralysis target for 5 seconds and does 25 points of damage. I'm standing on the crossroad by Whiterun, and we're taking the right road. I will speed up a little. As I can see, there is a wolf. Yeah there is a wolf.

And it's gone right now. We are movin' on. And here we have to turn left.

Yeah, here it is. You can often meet a Necromage here. Just like me. The Ritual Stone is placed by the road, not so far away from Whiterun. This Stone allows to reanimate an enemy corpse to fight for you once a day. Only corpses level 75 or under can be reanimated, it can be increase with Necromage perk. I'm right now on the road in the north-west from Shor's Stone, in front of swamp, to which we're going.

I'll speed up the road. Here we are. The Atronach Stone is in the north from that road. This Stone fortifies magicka by 50 points and grants 50% spell absorption. However, it causes magicka regeneration to decrease by 50%. We are near the east entrance to Riften and we need to go next to this mountain on the left. We will find some monsters in the road. Here lies the Shadow Stone.

You can often meet a Conjurer nearby this Stone. This Stone is placed in the east of Riften, on the top of a small hill. It enables to become invisible once a day for 60 seconds. Thank you everyone for watching this tutorial. Feel free to like, subscribe, comment and please watch my other videos. Thanks a lot and see you next time.

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