Skyrim Tutorial: The Necromancer

By: Iivaitte

Hello and welcome to my necromancy tutorial here Ill be going over some basics about being a necromancer. the build you'll need, the weapons you might like, and the quests that might interest you. what we're looking for in the necromancer class is survivability, utility and control.

three spell archtypes it's alteration, conjuration and restoration if your confused about alteration and restoration being my other two choices... i'll explain that later so with this in mind we've got to be thinking about what race we want to choose uh... i would say Bretons always my first choice they start off with the conjuring spell which really helps you start your training right away. it's their main skill they have bonuses to alteration and restoration as well resistance to spells naturally and racial bility that resists spells as well now most people would choose High Elves they are one of the most popular because They have a power that gets them a really deep Magicka pool uh... and not necessarily just a deep magicka pool but that they regenerate Magicka so quickly. it dosen't even look like its depleting it's seriously crazy and although Illusion their major skill they still get bonuses to alteration conjuring and restoration and something most people enjoy is that they get bonuses to enchanting and uh... the third choice i would say is argonians now a lot of people think, "Argonians? , that's so off the wall" "I mean, why Argonians?" and i would say Argonians they have survivability they have that hist skin ability which lets them regenerate health extremely quick and they still get bonuses to alteration and restoration i would have only really pick Argonian if you have a problem surviving or if you value survivability above control uh... it makes you more of a tanky....

necromancer so to speak but uh... for now I think I'm going to go.. and be a Breton for the purposes of this tutorial lets make him look really menacing. uh..

right coming out of the caave over there we're going to look at the perk tree, first i will look at is restoration now some people don't like the idea necromancer with restoration like "I am a dark and menacing necromancer why would I use restoration?" well my answer to that is " the necromancer is a dark, lazy and selfish healer He only raises the dead to use them and then just throw them away, " they are expendable" it's you know it's basically two sides of the same coin, anyway back on topic restoration is a key player in this build youll naturally get a healing spell from the start of the game but you want to get some Wards and Turn Undead spells later wards uh... actually thinking about it.... maybe not depends what you do with yourself now looking here you have novice restoration which is pretty much it since you can't really get anything else yet between recovery and regeneration I would actually go regeneration because having your spells heal you more gives you more survivability. extremely early on that is extremely useful you are necromancer you want to be undying you don't want to failed just because you didn't heal in the last fifteen seconds now the next thing that i would be looking at i would take recovery right after regeneration because you want all the magic that you can get plus uh... your spell caster it just makes sense now the next thing I would get is... Necromage it's fairly out there but i have confidence that you'll get their eventually and this is really what we've all been working towards it helps to put up that circle of protection pretty much lets you boss around Undead places i'll talk about that later uh..

Skyrim Tutorial: The Necromancer

if you want to you can...... you can take..... uh, that's not it you can take restoration Duel Casting if u i would advise instant by some people but i would generally advice against and the last thing i would like to talk about these weight avoid that is pretty much necromancer use too remote it's like just as you're on the brink of death defy all optus comeback as phoenix rises from the action you're just dying want-to-be it's extremely nice and actually i would recommend this any class that happens to kids uh... ninety restoration out the next thing we're gonna look at is alteration conveniently right next restoration ideal did someone take there's a lot of debate about how useful alteration is i find it very useful alteration provides the tell me if you were talking about stone flesh is good early on but the main reasons why we're picking it is for them pro tree and three spells three spells i'm talking about heart attacks dead detect life paralyzed reagan high desert really become useful uh..

like by the time you get it because thirty seconds and carson weighing i mean i was just under the restoration her neck chrome each and you happen to be a vampire first thing first i would say take alteration to test all boeing normally advise against dual casting hurts this one i would advise and my reason behind this news it makes laura's work on pretty much anne think i have a single creature besides a drag missus dual cast it paralyze but alot of that and of course you kind of forced to pay for the east but i don't mind so much definitely i mean there is no bigger to wait you know that may change with lightning only to find deeply cast anything cam redskin defend yourself candy it's like you need and by the time you get the it gives you like if you're up it gives you like fifty five percent magic and it's just absolutely crazy uh... going up further party don't know about me respond i'm on are dot it carmike because liked where orbs politics not necessarily it's are distinctly it's it's all your choice but you can definitely make armored way better and then of course that alteration i would say state bility it's ok if u but it's not rupesh critical i took everything on this perfect tree buys i dont i'd say picketing really really were concerned about are when you don't make it might help out the track and hunt but anyway back on topic exper alteration no-brainer arcan arch or not esults lights since they've been fixed a bug i would definitely recommend if you have a update your game steer clear away this becomes really nice if your bread magic resist work third level completed mark was and possibly even have the warts tone you're pretty much and horrible styles but i'm not going to be going over the lord stone in this video not to look that up anyway going on the last not lease underage now contrary shannon is it's your personal skill you start off on twenty five which is absolutely fantastic let's see i would actually say it stay away from dole casting because here was on the low levels he just want to use if you're not just using disposing then you're not really using efficiently keeping it kingman came around longer isn't really convenient you only parts of the treaty really matter are the parts that lead to the master conjuring shin which is up here and the part leads to all the way up so pretty much detainee this one you know and take mystic binding if you want but you know i i i really do still i mean it's nice that you have a but if you want a bowing out and not really careful no you know whatever there's no reason to take some inner her because it's hard to came to resolve the but you can if you honestly it's way too hard especially uh... with dead lol it's extremely hard that's so i see no real reason besides you should it could necromancer and stay behind your meat shields when you level up i would try to get my it's hell it's a very thin board and staff i mean i'm not saying go crazy uh... but you know you want fairly magic agrees really what you want to invest in it's well three hundred sixty four hundred eighty is stricken let's say six hundred and once you get like somewhere between four hundred eighty six hundred you know maybe around i'd say definitely start dusting potsdam it's not really it's not like he'll be running it's not like you'll be doing any power acts and if you want to really just care anymore just use your at like don't want stamped there is an extra step by believe that neck from answers place right next to white run here actually it's more like all of the road here used for all of this actually i'll let you the wrong direction okay time to go to the other one that still aspect this step is not difficult it's just that extra step take to make the most adhere necromancer there's a standing stone rituals i missed it there's a stepping stone here called the rituals it's very close to white line it's the very first full mostly seen the game and what i really like about it it's premature first taste of necromancer elizabeth base we got back from answered bacon died looks cute mine clips just happen okay so basically looks really cool about this instance poison that coming if basically all you know and on the go ahead by the mammary on that from that i need to itself very power the ritual stone is your or ship you should only use it when you really in trouble confident you won't need because the house a twenty-four our last time but it's the most powerful necromancer howard in the game not only can you raise almost anything but there is no limit on now agrees only limitations that only lasts two minutes but that's a tough time i was able to i was able to clear out tire handicap just by using apa style incase i decided this is what i wanted to show seen normally he would not here normally would not be true resurrect pretty much impossible especially later levels but with the ritual stone you couldn't do let's show you how necromancer howard you probably know from playing at least five seconds aspire help power it's are it's a pretty out okay now i'm going to explain com idea behind being a necromancer video others do the dirty kill maybe to six p resurrect let them take the key matra more they died that's the whole frame of mind exposed internship you don't want to at complication to all the battle this is where we have our under those who have non-polar will have poke at will and now bow and dog using rats probably the fastest way conservation there you should tell me places like here derog repressed graveyards did you keep your turn and dust bowl on you at all times caskets you should have no excuse to lose locations skeletons and toronto are a little harder to rose and later levels honestly i don't know why i love the people residents because may be of some kind of acts or something but those who and did read it those who can't become resurrect by your wreath on the spell always have your rituals so if you seek your ritual stone for those really hard to respond bs bed really helps you if it becomes really top you could just clear open area you know all creatures and there user rituals don't bring into the next area we got that area and rest for twenty four hours after next area rents repeat recycle it really helps you to clear out the place tired i forgot to add this in my notes by my nipples the upset since i'm playing the game right now but sydney is a really nice skilled absent you'd never know what you're up against you're supposed to danny's ill places like this just like home okay uh..

i want to mention displace right next to is one of the places that you'll find which is also something i think that use yet ads necromancer for starting now sometimes if all else fails always out thank you i think i'll actually etc restoration extremely ki so basically what you want to do as a necromancer is you'll kill fear you might want to use a dagger to do this still rez the dead now that is your meat shield you must use this so now that i'm finished with that vampire i'ma try rest too powerful you're setting well that is why knew darn ghar expansion come out they're supposed to be some someone on debt spells dinosaur karne ant she learned that spells out recommend pieces primaries primary skills instead of op separate song because they're they have a lot more uses you know you don't have to wait for dead bodies but i would still keep the ritual stone around and maybe debt ralph habit because it's always nice to imprison sam some unlikely foes used as far as weapons out stick with daggers that bite as i said earlier if you would choose this guilt that is beside does magic schools textile because helps you going there you know and dan and then happened take out the diagrams are really nice speak in there's a prayer inside this week tree exceed that make them back and make them very well even powerful weapons look as far as in she edmonds yes you want to deal with and champions i woud reduce the cost of conjure it should be alteration uh... but if that doesn't suit you you can pick anything that will be regenerate your health and magic cut or recess bowels or any combination between maybe a few extra notes paralyzed as extremely nice because it helps keep getting burstein because all you really need to do is get the first you killed and then respite battles he tell me what you think of all my bills leave comments my section below tell me how you think this could be done better i'm open for opinions and tell me what you thought uh... my ideas.

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