Star Citizen: Hangar

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Hangar is currently seen as a connecting module to all the other parts of Star Citizen. You can access your character costume section, ship configurations, port Olisar (Universe), ArcCorp (Social Module), Electronic Access (Arena Commander), you can also see exterior and visit interior of current in hangar ready ships.

It also houses your Subscriber, Backer and purchasable collectibles. From your drinks case to your Jukebox, from ship models to your referral sew on badges.

This module was the first that was launched by game developers. Many players think that it’s the starting point of the game. Well, yes and no at the same time. You can start playing any module directly from main Star Citizen menu. You don’t need to visit your hangar for this. But on the other hand it connects all game modules and you can jump to any module from it.



You can manage your hangars and their associated ships from RSI website:


There are 4 types of Hangars. Every type belongs to different manufacturer.

  • Self-Land are easy jet class of hangars that everyone can afford. They are not very attractive to look but they are comfortable. They provide you with all necessary features. This type is the basic.
  • Aeroview are the next option. They are more expensive and are great for small merchants. They have rather good interior.
  • Revel & York are the deluxe line. They will be able to house merchantman-class spacecraft like Constellation and Caterpillar. They have amazing interior design. If you wish to feel like a businessman this is what you need.
  • VFG Industrials are designed for using on different asteroids. Great choice for pirates, bandits and treasure hunters.

Each has up to 5 bays depending on the number of ships you own. Each bay can house either 3 small, 1 medium or 1 large ship. VFG Industrial central bay can hold 3 small or 1 medium ship.


All hangars can have Greycat buggy or several buggies.  They cost 15000 UEC and have 6 skins available at 5000 UEC each. They can also be bought at ArcCorp in Social module.

Greycat is a 2 seat vehicle. It’s used for the large hangar navigation. Running from one to another ship may take very long and it’s much faster to use a buggy.

Unlocking New Hangars

Many players have questions about how to unlock larger hangars. The easiest way is to upgrade a spacecraft to better one. For example if you own Mustang you have Self-Land Hangar but if you upgrade it to Freelancer you will access to Aeroview Hangar.

When you unlock certain hangar you receive access to all "smaller" hangars than it. For example if you unlock the Revel and York as your biggest hangar, you also get access to the Selfland, the Aeroview. If you unlock the VFG Asteroid, you get access to all the available hangars.


How to take off in Hangar? How do I fly? It’s impossible! You can’t fly there. You can just enter spacecraft and see what’s inside. You can sit in pilot’s chair. But you can’t take off and fly. Go to other Star Citizen module for this.

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