Star Citizen: How to Exit Ship?

By: Admin

Every Star Citizen player has a ship. It’s the most important part of Arena Commander and other modules. While it’s very easy to enter the spacecraft many pilots have difficulties and don’t know how to exit ship in Star Citizen. They enter, fly and enjoy space but can’t get out. That’s why this guide was written.

Most of the players have difficulties with this because controls show that F key is responsible for entering and exiting. But that’s not entirely correct. You need to press Ctrl + F in order to exit your ship! Try Left Ctrl + L if it doesn’t work.

Pay attention! You can’t exit while you are flying in space. You can leave your spacecraft when it’s standing on the landing pad or in hangar. If you have troubles with landing read: Star Citizen: How to land?

There is another way to exit: ejection. This feature allows to leave the ship fast in dangerous situation. For example if you see that your ship is about to be destroyed. Press Right Alt + L and you will be ejected. There is no way to stop ejection once it is initiated. Note, not all ships have ejection capabilities! Some of them allow to eject while others do not allow this.


  • Is it possible to land on the asteroid and exit? Right now you can land on the asteroid but you can’t leave your ship. This is sad because Star Citizen have really beautiful space and many players want to travel on the asteroids on foot. This feature may be added in future.
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