Star Citizen: How to Play?

By: Admin

Many players have problems when they start playing Star Citizen. It’s not a surprise. The game is really huge. There are a lot of different spacecrafts and modules and a new player very often doesn’t know where to start. This guide will explain how to play Star Citizen.

First of all you need to create an account at RSI website The registration process is pretty simple. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the difference between your Handle and Community Moniker.

  • Your Handle is your unique technical ID. It’s required for many operations. For example other players may find you by your Handle only. You can change it only once!
  • Community Moniker is your displayed name. You can change it as many times as you wish.

That’s pretty much all. You may also specify Referral Code to receive 5 000 UEC (in game currency). You can use my code: STAR-KPB9-B945

Selecting Game Package

After you have registered and confirmed your e-mail, you need to buy game package. Different packages have different price and offer different ships and other cool digital bonuses. If you don’t know what pack to buy - purchase the most affordable. It’s always possible to upgrade package to better one by simply paying the difference in cost. All you need is to make sure your desired pack contains access to Arena Commander and Digital Download.

For example right now the cheapest pack is: PACKAGE - MUSTANG ALPHA SC STARTER. Contains:

  • SelfLand Hangar
  • Starting Money: 1,000 UEC
  • 3 Month Insurance
  • Digital Star Citizen Manual
  • Star Citizen Digital Download

As you see all you need for starting the game is included. The reason you should watch carefully because it’s also possible to buy standalone ship. This feature is for those who have purchased a starter pack but wish to have extra spacecraft in hangar. So make sure you have Star Citizen Digital Download included in your pack.


After you have purchased desired package you may start downloading the game. Visit this page in order to find latest Download link We have written a guide that will help you to get the game to your PC: Star Citizen: Download and Installation Guide

First of all download the Launcher (Star_Citizen_Launcher_Setup.exe). It will occupy about 100 MB and will help you to download the full game. Install the launcher and run it. If there is a later version of launcher it will be downloaded automatically.

Star Citizen Launcher

After you have run the Launcher you will be asked to enter your account details there. Now you can start downloading the game itself. Click “Download All” and the downloading process will begin.

After downloading is finished you can start playing! Read more guides at to find out more information about how to play Star Citizen. The game is huge and rather complicated so you will definitely find our guides useful.

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