Star Citizen: How to Start Flying?

By: Admin

Star Citizen is a large game and many players who launch it for the first time don’t know how to start flying. There are many different modules in the game. Every nodule is designed for different purpouse. This guide is written to help you to get started.

The first thing you must understand is that Star Citizen has several different parts. You can see them when you launch the game:

  • Universe
  • Arena Commander
  • Hangar

These Parts are independent and allow player to perform different actions.

Starting a Flight


This is probably the most popular and well known part of the game. It was launched long time ago and many new players think that it’s where you get started. But that’s wrong! You don’t start in Hangar, you even can’t fly there. You can only view different ships but you can’t use them. The main goal of hangar is to give player opportunity to see different spacecrafts before purchasing.  

Arena Commander

Arena Commander is probably what you are looking for if you wish to fly. This module is for fighting against other players. All you need to get started is to launch it. You will have to select which mode you wish to use: with other people (similar to MMO) or without other players (similar to RPG).


Universe module is for free flights. You start at a large space base and you are free to visit any part of the galaxy. You can explore, travel and fight against NPC Ships. This mode is very similar to MMO game. You will be meeting real players and you will be able to interact with them according to your desire. You may fight against them or travel together. Everything depends on what you want.

Before Starting a Flight

Now you know about core game modules. But I believe you know nothing about how to control a ship. You have no idea about how to take-off, how to land, how to exit ship, how to attack enemies and so on. That’s why it’s recommended to start playing Star Citizen from Basic Flight Training. This is where you will learn how to rule the ship.

Go to Electronic Access -> Arena Commander -> Basic Flight Training There will be several quick missions. After you have completed them you will know a lot about how to control spacecraft.

Most of you guys now think: “I don’t use such tutorials. I will be able to discover everything myself” Believe me, this is the worst idea. There are a lot of different controls in the game and if you don’t know basics you will face with many troubles. Basic Flight Training will save you a lot of time!

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