Star Citizen: How to Take Off?

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Ship in Star Citizen is the most important object. It allows you to travel throughout the space, fight with players and trade. But it’s useless if you can’t start your flight :) One of the most frequently asked questions is how to take off in Star Citizen game. This guide will explain you all the details.

First of all you need to visit your hangar and approach doors of your spacecraft. You will see traditional “Use” icon. Press F key in order to open the door. You will see how the door opens and you can enter.

After this you need to approach your pilot chair and press F key again. You will see your character sitting down. After this he will turn on all the systems of the spacecraft automatically. Now you can take off. If you wish to leave the chair press Ctrl+F. Your character will switch everything off and leave the chair.

When a pilot sits into the chair the game automatically turns everything on and your spacecraft is absolutely ready for the flight. Here is a list of controls you need to keep in mind:

  • 6 – Switching on/off the engines. You may sometimes need this. But as it’s said earlier when you sit into the chair the game automatically turns all the engines on. So you don’t need to press this button.
  • V – Switch modes IFCS Precision / Cruise Mode. Very important key! Precision Mode is used for taking off / landing. Cruise Mode is used for flying around.

Make sure you are in Precision Mode. This is shown on your display. If you see PRE indicator that’s correct, you are in Precision Mode and you can start taking off. If you are not, switch it on by using V key.

Here are the keys for moving:

  • R – move upwards.
  • F - move down
  • Q – move left.
  • E – move right
  • W – move forward
  • S – move backwards

In the beginning such controls location may seem strange, but it’s really comfortable.

So you press R to start your flight. You will see how your ship starts to go upwards. You can also use other controls to change its position. After this is done and you are high enough you can fly.

How to take off

How to Move Faster?

You have successfully start your flight but you are still in Precision Mode and your engines will not allow you to move fast. Precision Mode is used for taking off or landing. If you wish to start a real flight you need to switch to Cruise Mode using V key. Press V key and you will see the changes. Now you can use the controls for flying much faster. Don’t forget to use your mouse for setting the direction of the flight.

As you see taking off is not a complicated task. All you need is to learn the control keys and to practice a little. Soon you will be able to do it very fast.

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