The Division 1.4 PTS Week 3 Gameplay and Tips

By: TheBerserkHealer

Hey Youtube! Let's get started. My new stats rolled in with the pts server reset so now you can see what your gear and weapons will roll on generally once the final patch is released. Let's take a look. If your talents were usable in 1.3 then they still will be in 1.4 My build is mostly the same except in world tier 4 i have 30% mitigation. In 3 and below it is capped. So 70% mitigation from 1.3 translates well into the new world tier system.

My sidearm is now a lot more useful with predatory and coolheaded. For my build alpha bridge now gives me an extra 5% weapon dmg, almost like my g36 never got nerfed... Lone star is utterly the same so switching from assault/smg combo to assault/lmg combo now may be a better option, for this video i use assault and smg. Also i know massive has been at work because i immediately notice the detail to structures and lighting. Still the same settings, All High at 1440p.

Now for the gameplay.. because npc's have received nerfs to health and output damage the need for a weapon that does 200,000 per bullet is no longer necessary. You dont get fucked by a single grenade anymore.. I've noticed how staying in cover is actually more useful now than ever. Since skills do not recharge until they end it makes skill haste even more important. If you think you can brave every enemy then think again... I catch a bullet from a sniper just as i think i'm winning. Snipers do considerable damage still so the premise behind street cover tactics is greater than ever.

So like that i am down. I will do more testing to see how this plays out with a 4 man group. For some reason there was a delay in audio for when npc's are supposed to rush out. I have no clue what that could be a glitch in timings or the server connection. I could tell there was severe server lag when i dodged the tanks hit and i still went down. I say something here... The speech lag didn't stop until after we beat barrett at the end.

The Division 1.4 PTS Week 3 Gameplay and Tips

As you can hear here.. Weird. :D One thing you will notice is that npc's rush you and are faster, which makes up for the nerfs to damage and health.

However they are much weaker so any group within their world tiers can kill every single enemy. Needs to be tweaked. Another thing i waited for is the time your radar goes clean from when you leave the area. Nothing was more annoying then have to run a whole block to be able to warp.

danger zones disappear as soon as you leave the mission area, which is good. My crit chance is at 25% for my g36 with adept. From the gameplay when i used pulse at 40-45% the crit seemed like they were doing the right percentages.

Heres 45%.. And here's 25%...Notice the Red VS the Yellow. Now 45%. crit chance with my smg has gone way down but a rate of fire mod with crit chance and other crit chance mods should bring it on par with the g36. These backpacks should be useful now... Here we are going to see what a sturdy holster does for my armor in World Tier 4. Equip and wait 4 seconds.. Just as expected my armor shot up from 30% to 45%.

Very sturdy indeed..

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