The Division: 1.6 Deadeye Build Video Guide (FINALLY! With official pre 1.6.1 *subtitles*)

By: Skill Down

What is up everyone! Skill Down here with a very special 100th Division video for all of you that have been supporting my channel. I hope you all are having an amazing day so far. This video is a showcase for my fully min maxed 1.6 deadeye build that everyone has been asking for. Sorry it has taken so long but as you can see and not hear I've been having audio issues. In a general sense this is a glass canon build I run for both pvp and pve in the Division which is my favorite build I have made thus far. For anyone who doesn't know the Deadeye gear set works on the idea that when looking down a scope, all shots are automatic crits. This can be very devastating. You will be seeing a lot of this build in the videos to come so take a good look.

Keep in mind that this build is before any big 1.6.1 changes. The first thing to mention is that this is a 4 piece deadeye 2 piece high end build where all of my attribute rolls are firearms. The center piece of the build is an m700 I found when farming last weekend which I will get into soon enough. Here is a look at the gear (and "banshee" set) if anyone is interested. The two high ends I choose to run with this solo build are a reckless chest piece and a nimble holster. In addition to the bonus damage from the reckless talent, this chest piece has high armor rolls, health, and enemy armor damage. The most important of which is the health roll because of how insignificant stamina is. The nimble holster also builds into health and provides a nice backup plan to heal while in combat.

Those are the two high ends that I believe best synergize with this build currently. Moving into the deadeye pieces we start with an impressive backpack rolled with health and high fire arms. Again, rolling health where it comes in large chunks is important for this build because the improved survivability is more significant than most other majors. I won't really be touching on the mods with this video. Just know that for the same purpose they are all firearms health mods or self heals which I will impact the skill section of the video. Next would be my Deadeye gloves which really can't get much better: max firearms and all 3 of the most useful major talents for this build. The flat marksman rifle damage and crit hit damage directly raise your per bullet damage as does enemy armor damage, but with the changes to enemy armor this attribute is the weakest of the three. Remember with this build that crit hit chance does not matter so avoid it at all costs.

My mask is the only thing that could improve namely in the armor department, but not by much. Enemy armor damage is the most important major attribute here to boost player damage, but the minor is not too important. I would recommend shock or burn resistance. With deadeye kneepads the most important thing to note is the huge amount of health that kneepads can role with. You may consider crit damage here but I would advise against it. My high firearms roll again speaks to my glass canon concept but remember that if you would like to change this, just change the ratio of firearms to stamina pieces down from 5:0. As far as sidearms go I never use mine because it is quicker to finish a downed player with a sniper anyways, but for what it's worth I run a sawed off for dire times..

The Division: 1.6 Deadeye Build Video Guide (FINALLY! With official pre 1.6.1 *subtitles*)

As a secondary you can also run whatever you are most comfortable with. The mdr is a great close quarters gun because a couple headshots will finish off anyone especially with brutal, but it is your call. Mag size, crit chance, headshot damage, and crit damage are nice for this gun type. Pause the video if you would like to compare, but this is really only a backup to use near the end of fights. Now on to the star of the show: the m700 carbon. Note that the carbon variant is the only m700 with 4 attachments so it is preferable over any other variant.

Head shot damage doesn't need to be considered when finding a gun for this build, but the base damage is the first thing to consider. (pause) Then for talents there really isn't much wiggle room. Deadly and prepared are must have talents for this build that will raise your flat damage and crit hit damage in most scenarios which are the two most important things when attacking.

Plus they can both be achieved with no stamina or electronics pieces for this build. As far as your third talent goes, there are different options. (pause)This gun had elevated which is handy in many circumstances to raise base damage, but destructive among others are also great options for this build. Personally I also love competent to easily raise damage before attacking, but really I just had to work with what I got. As far as attachments go, we are looking for the highest rolls of crit hit damage (priority), rate of fire and mag size to really put this gun over the top.

My attachments all have very high rolls, the only one that I could do without is the crit chance on the optic. I ran with an m44 for a while and both guns are comparable, but I would definitely jump for the m700 if you have an option. You will see some okay m44s for comparison. Here are my character stats inside the safe house which aren't correct yet so wait before reacting to any of them. When testing your build make sure look at your stats in the dz. As far as skills go, knowing where the other team is at all times so they can't make it to close range is priority #1.

The conceal pulse does just that with some added crit bonuses. I choose to additionally run a booster shot to keep myself alive for another second (with mods) as well as give me a boost to finish the firefight. I am of the belief that all of the ultimate's are in a good place right now balance wise so it is your choice to decide. Recovery link is the most powerful in many solo cases though. But you can decide on what is the most valuable. As far as talents go, tactical advance is above all else and is the top talent for this build. If you are looking to one or two shot players this skill is the most tactical and strategic ways to do it. Add it to the fact that you already are using nimble, then one cover advance gives you a big edge in any fight.

I can't say enough about how important this talent is. Just in case there wasn't enough synergizing going on, I would recommend running evasive action specifically for this build so you can make it to the destination of your cover to cover moves. Then the two universal talents for division agents are crit save even after the nerf, and combat medic if you end up grouping with someone. While solo just pick you next favorite ability over CM. Not many others stand out as needed.

Here are my real stats again if anyone wants to compare with a baseline. Some stats that are non negotiable and need to be high include: crit damage, weapon damage, marksman damage, enemy armor, and as much survivability as you can scrape up. Now all of those stats were before skills so keep that in mind because bonuses are on their way. Here is a typical example of the inflated dps before taking a shot reaching over 700k dps on the sniper which is really unheard of (for the low mag snipers). I know the dps doesn't impress, but just remember: you can't always believe what you see as you will soon know. Thank you all so much for watching, here are a couple examples of damage the first day it dropped.

If you have any questions please post them below and I will answer as quick as possible. You all have been so amazing so far supporting what I like to do. I didn't think anyone would really be interested in watching but I've been proven wrong. If you would like to see any more content please consider subscribing because I have at least 2 week's worth of content lined up to post after this video is up. Sorry one last time for the subtitle route I had to take, this took so long to make.

But if you missed anything please see this build video without the subtitles. Thank you. That is it everyone, thank you one last time and remember if you ever need to Skill Down, you know where to find me. ^^.

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